1. Definitely do it! They make me feel stunning.

  2. I work with a girl who wears fake eyelashes everyday! They look awesome on her! I’m not that talented but I did get eyelash extensions for my wedding and I am a HUGE fan! Seriously they lasted for like 3 months and they make you feel so so pretty;)

  3. julia says...

    i tried extensions on a whim and it turned out to be one of those thing you didn’t know you couldn’t live w/o until you got them. i go every 3-4 weeks and it takes an hour, but in the meanwhile no mascara, no black smudges under the eyes.

  4. I wore false lashes on my wedding day having never worn them before. I was understandably dubious given I wanted to feel comfortable but they TOTALLY made the look. And they look fantastic in the pictures – they don’t look fake at all and I could hardly feel them.

    Maria xx

  5. I tried them once. Maybe because I didn’t do a good job, but I didn’t like them very much. They’re so hard to put on and the glue feels icky especially being so close to your eyes. And the glue takes forever to go away/take off. :/ They look cute, though.

  6. she’s the most beautiful! (:

  7. ellis says...

    I’ve worn them at the last few weddings I’ve gone to and am OBSESSED. I recommend starting with ones that are NOT a full even fringe all the way across. Get ones that are a little more sparse. Mine are from Walgreens or some such.
    Anyway, I’ve told people I’m wearing them, and they’ve said how great they look. The sparser ones just look like you have fantastic lashes. I’d like to experiment for the more obvious ones, but I’m really thinking my sparser ones will start seeing night-out use.

  8. My auntie does the individual false eyelashes. It takes 3 hours to have them put on because she glues then to each eyelash. She did them for my wedding and i’m so grateful she sis. I cried like a baby. And i woke up looking beautiful every morning. The on ly problem with them is that you have to have them retouched every 4 to 6 weeks and its not cheap but i loved having them done. I wish i could have them forever.

  9. i tried them once and looked like a she-male… it was pretty scary.
    how are twiggy’s bottom lashes done? i love the bottom lashes!!!!

  10. i wore them once. and you picked the perfect picture, because when i wore them it was for halloween and i was twiggy. :-)

  11. Yes! I’ve been wearing eye lash extensions for about 6 months now and I can’t stop. I love how awake I look and never need to wear eye makeup. It’s so easy!

  12. Anonymous says...

    I think they are so unnatural and phony looking. Just like fake boobs and acrylic nails.

  13. I LOVE false eyelashes! I usually only do them when I’m on the stage or for special occasions, but occasionally for a date night I’ll to half-falsies or a couple of the single clumps, just for a little added oomph. They make such a huge difference!

  14. DO! i fail terribly at applying makeup – except these. heavy lashes with nude lips. perfection! my little five year old daughter fell in love with rainbow shu uemura lashes!

  15. They look cute on Twiggy but they always make me think of “A Clockwork Orange”