Do you have a dog?

Do you have a dog? Alex wants one badly. Alas, our current apartment is way too small, but Alex literally can’t pass a dog on the street without saying, “Doggggggeeee! Doggggeeee! Oh, you’re a dog, you’re just a dog!” It’s like a tic.

My friend Lina and I always say it would be funny to name your dog a very human name—like Kevin or Brad, or Jennifer or Kristen. For some reason, that really makes me laugh.

Do you have a dog? What’s its name?

  1. Lisa Olson says...

    Didn’t you grow up in MI? It seems like everyone here has a dog! I have two & both came from Leader Dogs for the Blind. Our Lab is a retired breeding mom dog named Maddie & our recent addition is a career changed Golden retriever named Carrie. Both are excellent pets & we love them dearly.

  2. Debbie says...

    My dogs are/were a french mastiff named Agnes, a mutt named Mildred, and a blind poodle named Eli. It sounds like I live in a retirement home.

  3. I have had dogs for the past 27 years, I always name them a ‘real’ name. First there was Joe, followed by Charles, and now Daisy. I don’t know but I talk to my dogs, should someone be eavesdropping I don’t want them to think that I’m a crazy lady.

  4. PAppel says...

    Chinese Crested (powder puff which means it has hair, usually they only have tufts of hair on paws and head) named Chester (daughter named him after the Cheetos cheetah).
    Shitzu-Maltese mix named Satchmo (cousin’s dog, moved and new job with no one home so I took him in). She named him after Louis Armstrong.

  5. I have a Moodle x Maltese called Marley, and a foster cat called Maxie :)

  6. My dog’s name is Abe. After Abe Lincoln. He’s a Welsh Terrier living in Chicago.

  7. SP says...

    Our two dogs have people names: Titus, the black and tan long-haired miniature dachshund, and Shelby, the black lab mix.

  8. i’m the proud parent of a mini-dachshund named peter rutherford page. he’s a crowd pleaser.

  9. My family’s first dog was adopted when I was 4. For some reason, everyone let me name him, and I picked David. Yes, David. Eventually, we had all kinds of nicknames, but we most often called him David and Dave. Somehow, he actually started receiving mail and phone calls from telemarketers! It was always a source of amusement for the family!

  10. My husband and I have a 7 month old Blue Weimaraner named Berlin. I am not a big dog person, but I’d do anything for her.

  11. We visited a B&B in Sun Valley, Idaho a year and a half ago, and there was a litter of 8 wk old mini Australian Shepherd puppies in the backyard. We are busy, busy and had no intention of getting a dog, but one little black and white one stole our hearts. We decided that we’d get her IF it was possible to bring her to our office each day as we worked. Everything worked out so that we could! We love her so much, and she has made our lives better! Her name is Ida, and her middle name is Ho. ;)

  12. Jeffrey
    Any person who has a dog for as many years I have can understand the dog is more than “just a dog”. The dog becomes part of the family. Sometimes you need to convince him he is a dog and not a person. But many times that can be difficult. Our dog is a Chinese Shih tzu. We give him his monthly grooming and hair cut by the season. After trying different dog foods we have found he eats one kind only. Last time picking him up from groomer brougnt to my attention was dog needed Vet due to eternal swelling.
    So immedately I did and learned the cost would be OVER $1000.oo+!
    In my past as many other persons would do is put animal to sleep.
    (kill it).. No way no way. We have had him since when we were married over 10 years. To do that I just can not mentally deal with it.
    Sadly wife has been IN HOSPITAL 6 weeks now and dog has been the only companion I have had!!
    PLEASE Is there any kind of FREE or else LOW COST service who can help me?? I myself am permanently disabled and on Social Security without any sources or believe me I would.
    It feels like my life is going to pieces jjerel1953

  13. A 7 year old beagle, we named her Sunny. It’s so grey and gloomy in Portland, Oregon so Sunny brightens our day. We adopted her when she was 5 years old from a shelter. There is something so special about giving a lost dog a happy home.

  14. holy crap! 842 comments…love it. i have a bad, bad labrador named henry. he loves to steal heirloom tomatoes and cantaloupes from the counter. but, i love him all the same. i also keep chickens in my backyard in b’more city and he loves them. sweet boy.

  15. We have a Welsh Corgi named Solo. My husband’s grandmother suggested the name after seeing a photo of him. It’s a reference to his short legs; because he’s “so low” to the ground.

  16. I do have a dog and I take it eveywhere I go. His same is Sasha and you can tell he really like the name because he move the tail every time I say it. He loves travelling, so that would not be a problem. You know that there are animals that don´t like to do certain stuff and they get difficult because you need to force them. That is not my case. Last year I went to Argentina and I was concerned Sasha was not going to adapt to the new flat we were going to be living in for a month. I rented several Argentina apartments since I thought that if he did not like one, we would move every three days and there was not going to be a problem that way. He loved the first place we landed in because it had a garden and a space especially designed for dogs where he could play with other dogs and cats in the building. So nowadays, having a pet is not an obstacle for travelling!

  17. sew stitch and patch says...

    Hi Just got a Bichon Frise who is named Archie 9 weeks old and so adorable .

  18. Dogs are the one of the best things in life. My dog Ringo Star is full of life and character and is often called Steve McQueen when he thinks he is all tough and bad.

  19. We have a pug named Rhett Butler. Best decision we ever made was getting our dog. He is so sweet, makes us laugh everyday, goes everywhere with us. I can’t recommend getting a dog for Toby to grow up with enough! Especially a pug:)

  20. KarinMarie says...

    I have a 6 year old Springer Spaniel named Drew. He is such a sweet, loveable dog.

  21. JD says...

    We have four dogs! Roxie, Lola, Stella and Max. And a West Afrian Grey parrot, Lincoln.

  22. My husband and I have a border collie/pitbull puppy named Bear, and a three year old tortoise shell kitty named Pantoufle, pronounced paun-toof (French for slipper, and is also the imaginary kangaroo/rabbit in Joananne Harris’s Chocolat). They make our home so joyful!

  23. Haha I have a cute and fluffy golden retriever named Claudia! :)

  24. beth says...

    Yet another reason to move to Portland, Ore.! This town adores dogs. Our two labs, Oscar and Millie, adore it right back.

  25. We can’t have a dog right now, and we love our cats (Simon and Garfunkel), but we both really want a dog. Whenever we see a dog, whoever says “Dog!” first gets a point.

  26. I have two Yorkies, Cohen and Lyric. I love them beyond reason and they’ve changed my life forever. :)

  27. I have a dog, but I’m desperate to add another one to our family. And it’s gotten to the same point. If I see a dog on the street I just can’t look away, and I usually shout and try to pet them. I need to find one to adopt soon or I’m gonna have to steal one from a little kid on the street. :D

    Currently, though, there is only The Fonz. He likes being cuddled, treats, and sleeping.

  28. i have a great dane named gertrude. you can read more about her escapades at

  29. Sam and Dave. Mutts both, Sam looked a cross between yellow lab and german shepard and Dave looked like a black german shepard with a big white spot on his chest. Sam came first and then my parents thought it would be funny to have a Dave; as in they name of the band that sings “soul man”. We always get a giggle out of the name Dave :)

  30. Cane Corso. His name is Tarkington.

  31. Anonymous says...

    Our Frenchies are Norm and Newman and they are very handsome gentlemen.

  32. Amy says...

    I have a Golden Retriever named Steve.

  33. Two Goldens: Gus and Walter
    I love people names for dogs.

  34. I have said for the last couple years that I want to get a dog and name it Linda, and I crack myself up every time!! T

  35. We have a pug named Corbin. I highly recommend a pug for the city or not. They are really great family dogs and can be happy in a smaller space.

  36. Try this one on for size: Hoosier Daddy Jordan. My husband adopted him in college and it’s obvious that his college age was influential in his dog naming skills. I have to say, I’m quite smitten with the name!

  37. We just got a puppy a few weeks ago and are absolutely in love! His name is Bear and he is a beautiful mutt. Can I send you a picture?

  38. Anonymous says...

    I had a dog, a bulldog actually. His name was Lupo, as the dog of the “The Four Musicians of Bremen”.

    I have always loved dogs, and until I had my first one I kept bdreaming on buying one and calling him Sigmund (for Freud) or Churchil (I though it would be funny to have a bulldog called Winston Churchil!)

    When I finally bought my bulldog, a little girl asked me to call him Lupo, after his late dog.

  39. haha this is hilarious! my boyfriend always says how when he gets a dog it’ll be “kevin if it’s a boy, stephanie if it’s a girl!” it kills me!

  40. my brother & sisters and i have a goofy dog named isabella, or bella for short. my younger sister and i were hooked on the twilight fever so we named her that and my brother just went along with it. now when im serious id call her isabella and my bro just cracks up because nobody calls her that except me!:)

  41. I have a slightly different take on this. I like to think these are the names dogs call each other. Like, even though some poor pooch’s name is Bubbles, he’s actually known as Jim amongst his buddies at the dog park. My poor beagle’s name is Doodle Loodle Loo (don’t ask), but goes by Loo. We think he’s kind of awesomesauce:

  42. Pugs are great for small apartments in the city. We have a 16lb black pug named Franklin Delano Roosevelt, or Frankie for short. He’s the best.

    Your post made me think of this clip from Family Guy:

  43. We have two pugs. Anton & Eigil. I looove them :)

  44. Anonymous says...

    My husband and I have two dogs, my chihuahua that I have had since high school- she is now 7. Here name is Pixie, she is very skinny and long, long legs, so she reminded me a pixie stick. 2 years ago she lost her eye, so her nickname, which was given to her by my step-daughter, is Uno. Our other dog is a 3 year old Golden Retriever. We bought him for $200.00 in a local bar, I happen to be bartending and my husband was enjoying himself on the other side of the bar, when a 10 year old little year, walked into this small Wisconsin bar with about 5 to 8 puppies in her arms. My husband grew up with a golden and he couldn’t resist. We bought the pup and placed him in purse till my shift was over. This poor dog went with out a name for about 2 weeks as we couldn’t decide on what to name him. We called him Dog or Boy for that time. Then I thought, we bought him in a WI bar, why not the name Boozer :)! That name stuck and he loves beer, cheese and any kind of meat. They are both the perfect dogs, and suprisingly get a long very, very well. Pixie is happiest on the couch behind our backs and Boozer is happiest on our laps or just on the floor, with one paw on our feet or leg. I think if they could live inside of us, they would!! They are so cuddly. I also can’t leave out our loving cat. We got him from a farm, he looked and still looks like a Holstein cow, so we named him Moo. He runs outside from time to time, so just imagine the looks on our neighboors faces when we walk outside, yelling MOO! MOO!! Not the mention our neighbor is a farmer of dairy cows.
    If you do decide on a dog, just remember they are like children. Be patient and have fun ;0)

  45. Hes a 5 yr old boxer, and his names Tucker — yes, as in Darcy Tuckey :d

  46. We have an effeminate cocker spaniel named Beso. He is all love and over-the-topness.

  47. v says...

    A terrier canine that goes by the name Ara :)

  48. Hi!

    Yes I do have a dog her name is Harlow. And we recently adopted a poodle and his name is Dante!

    All the fashions a stage

  49. I have a 12 year old yellow lab named: Sadie

    love her, but totally understand about space, we lived in sf and if we would have had a child it would be hard to have both in out place.

  50. Anonymous says...

    We have four: Harlan, Hattie Mae, Freddy, and Ginger. I love “real” names for dogs. I’ve already decided our next two will be Eleanor and Emmett.
    Get a dog. Your life will never be the same (in a good way).

  51. Jen says...

    My husband has a friend named Turtle and he has a black lab named Steve! Always cracks me up!

  52. I rescued a bichon mix and named him Wilson 2 years ago…it took me to decide to get a dog, but am sooooo happy I took the leap. I can’t imagine my life without my furry shadow now :)

  53. Anonymous says...

    My dog’s name is Rico. My sister has three dogs: Pearl, Henry, and Walter. :)

  54. I have three. A tiny reject Chihuahua I’ve had longer than I’ve known my husband. Her name is Penelope and I have her name tattooed on my arm where she sleeps…in my mother’s handwriting.

    I also have a rescue dach-chi-italian greyhound, named Bruno. He is Penelope’s dog, our middle child, and the scrappiest of the bunch.

    Then there’s Stringer Bell…aptly named after the character in The Wire. I work at a vet clinic where a woman brought her very heavily pregnant female boxer to be spayed without salvage, which is essentially puppy abortion. They were ready to be born mere days from the surgery so I held my breath as the spay went forth, took the pups from the uterus, and breathed life into them. My coworkers and I bottle fed them for weeks and the one I removed from his mother stole my heart.

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  56. We have a 100lb retired greyhound in a 450sq.ft. Apartment. They are gentle and usually come trained and potty trained too! His name is Mystic Dick Tracy but he goes by Tracy and everyone always thinks he’s a girl! We didn’t have the heart to change his name though, so We kept his racing name:)

  57. Anonymous says...

    We have a beautiful Coton de Tulear, her name is Amelie…yup named after the movie! She is quite the little diva. We live in a 800+sq ft apt and she does great, she’s the perfect size for a small dwelling place!

  58. Jo says...

    dogssss! Oh god, I love them. I had to leave my lovely boy behind when I moved to Belgium for University, but my parents update me on him regularly.

    and he does have a human name, it’s CHARLIE!

  59. hi! we have a dog, an English Springer Spaniel, his name is Ellington, after jazz legend Duke Ellington, because here in France all pure-bred dogs must have an official name that begins with that year’s letter. so in 2009 it was the letter E, we tried to come up with a name that sounded fitting for a springer and also a name no other dog would have as we have already met so many Elvis, Elli, Edgar, Eddie, Ella, even Extreme, but only one, our very own Ellington.

  60. Anonymous says...

    ..a boxer called RODOS or Frogg,because he have such a big smile;)

  61. Jane says...

    I have a black French bulldog named August. We call him Augustus for short.

  62. Growing up I had two dogs, Ding Dong and Sparky. My husband and I just adopted a dachsund-beagle mix and named him Gaucho because we met at UC Santa Barbara. We also live in an apartment. The good thing is our pup is small enough to feel comfortable in the space we have, and we take him out to walk at the park and around the neighborhood everyday.

  63. we have the smartest, nicest, cutest dog in the world (according to me)- a golden retriever named Lily. and i did name her after a person! my favorite character on the soap opera, The Young and The Restless- haha!

  64. we have the sweetest black lab named Bronx. She is GREAT with kids. She brings much joy to my life & can’t imagine life without my furry “family”

  65. Kylie says...

    I have a 9 year old Shih Tzu, his name is Sam (Samson, Sammy.) He’s my boy and I love him to pieces. Dogs are incredible. The love I have for him is the same as I would for any person. He comes over to me if I cry and refuses to leave until I talk to him, plus many more quirky/awesome behavior that I could talk about for days. Basically, I think everyone should at one point in time experience the “friendship” of a dog. They become a part of the family and you’ll almost forget what living was like before they entered your life, and you won’t be able to picture life without them in it.

  66. Kym says...

    I love human names for dogs. I had a friend whose dog was named “Steve.” When my boss got a dog I insisted he name him “Bob.” Turns out his “papers” already named him “Roberto” (it was an Italian breed), so he went by “Robby.” My pound dog came to me with the moniker “Dude.” That just would not do – I named him “Oliver” far better…

  67. Anonymous says...

    I’ve got a miniature pincher,hi’s 9 months old and his name is Danger:)love him:)))

  68. Anonymous says...

    Lua just passed away last wednesday. Having a dog is a very great experience, go on then!

  69. Domino and Zindle :)
    PS: Im a firm believer that there is no such things as an apartment too small for a dog (at least one 50lbs or under), some of the most well taken care of dogs I know live in apartments with no yards because the owners are forced to go on walks, dog park trips, etc….just saying :)

  70. It’s name is Pier :) They give him in shelter and we decided to keep it :)

  71. My sister has the most adorable Bison-Frise and her name is Poppy. Our Canise-Griffon before that was Teddy. Something about names ending in -y or -ie are so cute. But human names are even CUTER!

    Maria xx

  72. Oh, how exciting that this might be in your future! We had a dog for 14 years that was the light of our family’s life, Emily, a jack russell mix. I think about her every day.

    Dogs have the capacity to transform your life in the MOST WONDERFUL way imaginable, but it definitely is a lot of responsibility, especially on top of a baby. So consider well! Ultimately though, IMO there is nothing on this planet like the love of a dog.

  73. My family has a shih-tzu that we named Bueller after Ferris Bueller… and boy is he a character!

  74. I think dogs with human names are funny too. That is why I have a dog named Todd.

  75. I have a chocolate lab named Boaz…our boys’ names are Caleb and Joshua…no we’re not Jewish…we’re Korean. :)

  76. My husband and I have 3! Ernie, Sammy & Lucy :)

  77. Katelin says...

    My Chihuahua is Wilson and his name suits him perfectly! He is 7 and 1/2 year old and has arthritis in his back legs, so he waddles when he walks. He’s got the biggest smile and just lights up a room. Although Chihuahua’s are usually thought to have a Mexican accent, Wilson’s is definitely British.

  78. We have a 5-pound teacup poodle who is fully registered with a complete name (first, middle and last). Her name is Gertrude Civil Patrick, and she is beyond civilized. :) We call her Gerty or Trudy for short.

  79. my buddy’s name is Ralph. He had it at the humane society when I found him.

  80. I have an apricot caniche toy called Oddie

    Love your blog

    Love from Argentina

  81. Anonymous says...

    ha. We have a dog named Mikey, but i like to call him Michael. People at the dog park always giggle at a little fat MinPin named Michael.

  82. No dogs at our house, but we do have a cat who is named Zeke. He’s small and generally surly and very soft and all black. Somehow it seems like the perfect name for him. Plus, animals with people names are funny. :)

  83. dz says...

    My first dog is a pit-mix, so we named him Bradley Pitt Bull, after Brad Pitt. He goes by “Bradley.” We got Bradley a little sister shih tzu, and named her Leena, after Angelina Jolie. So yes, my pups are named after Brangelina ;)

  84. I have a Jack Russell Her Name is Buffy…

  85. merrie says...

    I have a mini dachshund named Emma, after the Jane Austen character, and a rat terrier named Max, after Maximilian de Winter from “Rebecca.”
    I live in D.C., and it can be a pain to have to take them outside in the cold or dark, but it’s worth it. Train them and get a loving dog walker and you’re set!

  86. I have a small ginger dog with a black snout, when he was a puppy he looked like a lion with a mane so we named him Tiger- next door’s dog was already called Lion. I want to one day own a chocolate lab, who I will name Mud, and a pug who I will name Pat. :D

  87. Black Lab and his name is Gordon. He came with the name, and it suits him perfectly!

  88. Anonymous says...

    when my boyfriend & i adopted our dog, she was named scout, which we both liked & decided to keep. we did feel that she needed a more proper, human name too, so we decided to go with the full name of “Martha Scout”.
    oddly enough though, my boyfriend is dying to name our next dog Kevin!!!

  89. I have a French bulldog and his name is Howard.

  90. I’ve always thought that naming dogs (or any pets, really) human names is hilarious. My family had a dog named Cindy when I was growing up, and my cousin had a dog named Michael. My apartment is also too small for a dog, but I have a cat named Ruby. She’s the best roommate ever. :)

  91. We got a dog about 7 months ago. She is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (the most amazing breed for small apartments and cities since they are mild-tempered and don’t need a ton of exercise.) Since I love to cook, we named her Nutmeg!

  92. A fabby Cairn Terrier named Fred. He was a prince among dogs.

  93. I want a dog named Lucy or Dexter one day…

  94. Growing up, I had a big dog named Katie and a small dog named Chelsea.

    I think it’s funny when animals have human names too!

  95. We have a Boston Terrier named Rufus, they are not commonly found here in Australia so he causes quite a stir on his afternoon walks. He is a joy and pleasure everyday!

  96. We have recently got ourselves a west highland terrier and have called her ‘Mary’ . she is great company is my studio and i love the autumnal walks we have having with her already! Great blog by the way from a daily reader in scotland, uk. x

  97. I have adorable and cute dachshund, her name is “Mouse”. And it is totally funny when you are standing out side and trying to call her home: mousy mousy !!!!
    When we took her from other people she was so little and fin, that the only name, which fit her, was “mouse”.
    But my “future husband” likes to call her “kitchen director”, because she is all ways do something bad or funny in this area of home. It sound like this” hey, miss, kithen director of 2011″ we need to talk about the litters on the flour.
    And mousy allways know’s that she made something :)
    She is our little madam of home :)

  98. Peggy says...

    My son has three dogs, Jim, Sally and Riley (all lab mixes)…..and all came with their names!… daughter has a dog (German Shepard) named Stan….after her Dad!….and she lives in a pretty small apartment in Brooklyn!…..

  99. My in-laws have 4 dogs and all of them have girls’ names (Olivia, Brittany, Lindsay and Lexie). I HATE it!!! I was dying to name a future little girl Olivia and now that name (plus any name that can be shortened to Lexie) is out of the question. The human names are funny but they can definitely wreck baby names for people. No one wants to say “this is my daughter Olivia” and have someone ask if she was named after the dog :(

  100. I have a JJ & a Lucy!

  101. I have a cocker spaniel at my mother’s house ’cause my apartment is too small too. His name is Wilson. We named him like that after we fell in love with Wilson the ball in the Cast away movie hehe!

  102. I just got a tiny apartment and I do the same thing as Alex! Luckily my dog is still at my mom’s house only 30 minutes away, so I can still have my puppy fix :] Her name is Sophie, but it always fit her somehow, even if it is pretty human

  103. Boston Terriers are great apartment dogs! They rest when you want to rest and play when you want to play. Ours (Papaya) lives with us in 600 sq ft and she really warms the place.