Sunday picnic

My sweets, hope you had a wonderful weekend! The weather was sunny and crisp — the perfect fall day — so we went on a little Sunday picnic. We popped Toby in the Ergo and walked over to the beautiful grassy piers on the Hudson River. I thought Toby looked like a wrestler in his hoodie sweater and cap.
Alex had packed the food and surprised me with shrimp cocktail, which felt hilariously fancy and delicious on an otherwise random picnic.
Toby was enthralled with Alex, as per usual.
These days, Toby finds the following things funny: fake accents, bicycling his legs, kissing one cheek over and over, and scatting. (For real — so much so that I bought this book:)
Our friend Rachel stopped by to say hello with her adorable dog Winston. Alex grew up with dogs and now misses playing with them, so he was psyched to roughhouse with a big lab.
Then Rachel and I chatted, Toby stared at trees, and Alex and Winston stood for a while looking over the water. Alex told me later that he loving just standing next to a dog.
It was a great, restorative day, especially after last week! Hope you had good weekends, too. xoxo

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  3. is that Jersey City in the background? my mother used to live In Newport and that looks like the area.

  4. these photos are beautiful <3 thanks for sharing your picnic.

  5. Not sure if you will see this because its an older post… but I could not resist sharing this post with you.

    It might take a few more years (and kids) before it is funny… but I have a feeling you can appreciate it.


  6. How sweet! What a happy family…and great photos! ♥

  7. Looks like a great picnic with the family! Hopefully you can get a few more in before the weather gets cold. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love these photos. All three of you look so sublimely happy. Toby has grown so much!

  9. Poor Alex, it is super hard to have a dog in the city I am sure with a baby.

    Maybe when Toby gets about 4 or 5 yrs old?

  10. That looked like such a nice picnic, but as a Parisian I miss say: where was the wine and cheese? :) Toby has such gorgeous eyes. Does he get them from you or Alex?

  11. Nice! I had a picnic with my wife as well at these oriental gardens nearby our house.

  12. You will love love love (if you don’t have it already) Charlie Parker Plays Bee-Bop (by Chris Rashcka). Promise.

  13. I did have a great weekend–and then some! I was out in SF visiting my sister and her boyfriend last Wednesday through yesterday. Tomorrow I get to see my closest friend’s 2-week-old little boy; your joyful posting about Toby really gets me psyched to see the little niblet again!

  14. Anonymous says...

    Haha, I can’t be the only one who thought you meant something else by “scatting…” and then pictured “Everybody Poops” as the book, right? LOL. But the reality is adorable.

  15. Look at your precious little dude!! I can’t get over that outfit! I love that he’s into fake accents… how fun. :)

  16. Haha you’re right!- he does look like a little wrestler now that you mention it! *Sigh* what a pleasant looking day!

  17. Beautiful photos and beautiful family!! What a nice idea!

  18. Love how sweet this is. Picnics are the best!

  19. Anonymous says...

    love Toby!
    he is so charming!!:D

  20. hi……………..
    Picnic is the better part of the life wondering schemes. By which you can travel any where at the time of the lovable Sunday picnics. but i liked much more as the photos are too much beautiful! The river is beautiful with the skyline.

  21. Toby looks beyond cute in that outfit!! I love picnics!

  22. Oh, darling! This sounds like a completely wonderful day. I think it’s so brilliant everything that Toby loves..especially the scatting. ;)

    And, these photos are beautiful! The river is beautiful with the skyline. I love shrimp cocktails! Picnics are wonderful.

    Happy Monday, darling!


  23. i love this post!! looks like perfect weather and a wonderful way to spend a sunday afternoon with those most precious to you :). thanks for sharing the pictures!

  24. What a wonderful way to spend the day with your two main men. Looks like everyone is on the mend.

  25. C. says...

    Aww what sweet photos of your little guy! He’s a cutie :) Love those blue eyes.

  26. Glad you are all feeling better and were able to get of this weekend. First baby colds are never easy!! You guys make New York look so much fun. -Melissa in So. Calif.

  27. monica says...

    what a perfect day! and toby’s eyes are so blue and beautiful :)

  28. Toby is getting big! sooo adorable on his little picnic blanket

  29. It sounds like your wonderful little family is up for a dog.

  30. I must say that Alex looks like Gerard Butler! And you look like a young Cindy Crawford. Toby is fated to be good looking!

  31. Looks like fun! I love the black baby clothes– I was always on the lookout for those.

  32. I thought our little one was unique in loving scat. I really have to get that book! Thanks.

  33. this is so lovely!!
    sounds like you had an amazing&adorable weekend, hope you have a great week.x
    p.s. love that toby loves scatting that is hillarious!

  34. ooblee-coo-ooblee-cat
    bubbble me a bubble and a bubble it fat!!! This is a favorite in our house too.

  35. major cutie.

  36. Toby has the most gorgeous eyes!

  37. i think toby would love this book too!

    Ella Elephant Scats Like That: Baby Loves Jazz

    it’s so wonderful that you’re documenting the things toby finds funny.. fake accents! hahaha. these things will be amazing to look back on when little *t grows up.. :)

  38. The scatting is hilarious! That book looks so cute. Glad you’re all feeling better.

  39. Anonymous says...

    What a lovely post.

  40. he is getting so big! love it.

  41. haha, alex — my alex is the same way! he “checks out” dogs on the street, and he’ll stop paying attention to what i’m saying if a big dog walks by :)

  42. Wow! What n awesome day. Makes me want to grab my 2 boys and head outside right now! Thanks for a wonderful share.

  43. thanks for all these sweet comments. and becca, SO awesome about the berlin marathon! that’s going to be amazing.

  44. aura, we LOVE the ergo. they’re all basically the same — we have the organic one. toby is almost five months old and we’ve actually only used the stroller once! we just ended up really loving the carriers.

  45. I was in NYC yesterday and the weather was really gorgeous! I wish I have had the picnic idea, it would’ve been perfect!


  46. aw how fun! i love picnics!!

  47. glad to see the beginning of your week is starting out on a better foot! toby and alex are so cute together & the shrip cocktail must have been a fabuous surprise! :)

  48. He looks quite scrumptious with all of the cheese and him on the blanket!

  49. Are you gonna get him a baby halloween costume? I just did a blog post about them and a guest post about them too. So cute. :0

  50. Toby is precious and you are gorgeous, as always!

  51. what a lovely post with great pictures. look’s like you all had a lovely day. glad you’re feeling restored. x

  52. This really looks like so much fun!! Love these pictures!

  53. What a lovely day for a picnic in the park. Your little man is a bundle of cuteness.

  54. how lovely it is to be restored by simple things, family and food. the cure for everything!
    this picnic looks so fun, and three cheers for toby the wrestler!! ha. so awesome.
    happy monday! xo.

  55. Toby is unbelievably precious! Quite a cutie you’ve got on your hands!

  56. how cute is toby’s outfit! i don’t have a dog either so it’s fun when i get to dogsit!

  57. That looks like it was a splendid weekend indeed. I myself spent mine studying for two exams that I have tomorrow… followed by another on friday… followed by another next tuesday! I hope I don’t go crazy by then.

    My restorative weekend is coming on the halloween weekend. Till then, cheers!

  58. sounds to me like it’s time to surprise those boys of yours with a puppy! :)

  59. Toby is precious. I understand what Alex means- I love big dogs.

  60. Looks like a wonderful picnic! Shrimp cocktail… a great idea, I’ll have to remember that (next summer! now it’s too late… too cold). Toby looks adorable, what beautiful eyes!

  61. That was “restorative” just reading it :) Thanks for sharing!

  62. so adorable. You guys are such a wonderful family :)

  63. Scatting! HA. Sounds like you have a future a capella singer in your hands… speaking from one herself :) What a sweet day – thanks for sharing girlie! xo

  64. My boyfriend loves loves loves big dogs. Likes goes mad for them on the sidewalk and asks to pet random dogs and turns around to look at particularly big ones we pass. its so cute. a its not something you’d ever think of, but a guy who loves dogs is a total turn on in my book.

  65. How funny the difference in weather, we also went for a picnic here in Austin and it was hot! Love the photo of you standing over the little guy. Happy Monday…

  66. My son LOVES the kissing of the cheek! It looks like you guys had SO much fun!

  67. What an adorable picture of Toby!I also like the pics of Alex and the dog. Looks like a lovely way to spend the day :)

  68. Joanna, that is so cute about toby and accents. what fake ones are his favorite? :)

    Beautiful family photos!! xoxo

  69. What a beautiful day it looked to be too! Toby seems to be a good-spirited baby. I bet he’d be happy standing next to a dog too…if he COULD stand next to a dog!! I’m glad you had a good weekend after all the sickness and that.

  70. What a perfect day! Toby is, as usual, the cutest baby around, and I just love that Alex is so fond of dogs! I know exactly how he feels, just having a dog in the house makes me feel good, they are honestly the best “people” around =)

  71. Between the baby pictures and the puppy pictures, this post has me smiling from ear to ear!

    We have a very energetic English pointer, and my husband loves wrestling with him… it’s so much fun to watch!

  72. It looks so very lovely! And the scatting, hilarious!

  73. This looks like a lovely weekend with the family! I’m totally into the idea recently of “table food” for “picnic food” ever since you posted the images from the San Fran dinner party! Something about being able to eat fancy foods outside feels so mischievous!


    PS. Just registered for the Berlin Marathon! Now I just have to plan what fabulous things to do there :)

  74. Which Ergo do you have? Our baby is due in April, when we’re busiest with Spring walks, art shows, and little music festivals. We were thinking of not even buying a stroller for awhile and just using the Ergo.

  75. Aw this is so sweet and perfect! Your little man is seriously adorable! What a cute little family you have Joanna! :)

  76. Beautiful pictures, such a happy family! Sounds like a fun picnic; and I must remember shrimp cocktail for next time, how decadent!

  77. you are such the adorable family! thanks for sharing, i feel refreshed just reading about your picnic!

  78. What a lovely, lovely weekend! And I hear Alex completely on missing having a dog – I grew up with dogs and though we have a darling cat that we cherish, there’s nothing like taking a big ol’ pooch for a romp in the park.

  79. i love his hat. he’s a cutie. and that he has a sense of humor for fake accents.

  80. Looks like such a fun time! I love how Toby is all bundled up he looks super cute! This is a gorgeous view of New York! I can’t wait to visit it one day! :)

  81. Toby is getting so big and so very CUTE! My husband and I did a picnic in the park with our little girls this weekend as well. Oh how I love fall! Have a happy monday!

  82. looks like a lovely day! i agree with alex, black labs are the absolute best. i fell in love with my uncle’s lab when i was 8yrs old and i’ve never gotten over it.

  83. shrimp cocktail on a picnic is genius!! And Toby is getting so big!

  84. haha, glenda, toby is SO chunky, he’d definitely be in the highest wrestling weight class :)

  85. and Nikki, i agree, it’s so beautiful over there and feels like such an escape from the city. and i love how there are so many funny characters — like really old couples sunbathing in swimsuits everyday (even this sunday and it was chilly!) and young couples making out, etc.

  86. aaaw so cute. How nice to hang out with dogs and babies! xo from Espana

  87. Looks like the perfect day…and I love your red chucks too:)

    Julie xo

  88. Glenda says...

    Shrimp cocktail… delicious. Sounds like a lovely day and picnic. Toby is getting so big and chunky… gorgeous baby! :)

  89. I am so glad you had a picnic with your two men…Toby looks adorable in that sweater and hat:)…I so get Alex with the whole dog thing…I grew up with dogs and I cant images not having them around. Its like a second nature by now, they just have to be there….Great photos, Joanna
    Glad you all are feeling better

  90. aww this is so sweet! i love picnics. :-)

  91. What a lovely weekend. So happy that you and your adorable boys got to enjoy a perfect fall day.

  92. How cute!
    Picnics and laying by the Hudson is one of our favorite things to do. You really feel like you’ve stepped out of Manhattan for a moment. I love it there. You all look adorable, loving Toby’s lil outfit!


  93. Looks like the perfect Sunday! Love that Alex brought shrimp cocktail, love the hoodie, and I think it is so beyond awesome that Toby is already gearing up to be an avid bicycler :)

  94. Looks like a lovely time was had by all! The shrimp cracks me up!

  95. What a cuddle bug he is on the blanket. I think you win the award for CUTEST family picnic on earth!

    xx Katie

  96. I have a picture of me as a baby on a picnic with my parents and big sister Camila. I think my love for food started that day.