My darlings, for this Motherhood Monday post, let’s talk about…sex! Recently I heard a genius tip about how to have a sexy date night with your husband. Want to hear?

Esther Perel, the author of the fascinating book Mating in Captivity, says that when you get home from a romantic night out, the key to having a sexy rest-of-the-night is simple: Let your husband pay the babysitter.


When the woman pays the babysitter, Perel says, she instantly switches back into “mom mode.” She hunts for the cash and adds up the hourly wages; she asks the babysitter how much milk the baby drank and how long it took for him to fall asleep; she asks about the babysitter’s weekend and confirms the next babysitting appointment. Having sex? Suddenly it’s the furthest thing from her mind. She’s back at work!

So, instead of paying the babysitter, says Perel, the woman should get home and head straight to the bedroom. That way, she can relax, maybe pour a glass of wine or light a candle, and keep feeling fun and flirty. Meanwhile, the husband pays the sitter, sends her on her way, and then joins his lovely date!

Isn’t that funny? It’s such a simple but great tip. (I just hope our babysitters don’t read this post, since after our next date night, I will be booking it to the bedroom:)

What do you think, mamas? Who normally pays the babysitter? What do you do on your date nights? What other little things do you do to keep the sparks in your relationship? I would LOVE to hear! xoxo

(Top photo via The Bean and the Bear; bottom photo of Alex and me by Christine. Also, thanks, Anna)