What’s your nickname?

A few months ago, at a dinner party, Alex and I were in a joking debate about one thing or another, and I insisted on my point: “But dolly, dolly!” Suddenly, I realized everyone was quiet. Was it weird that I was calling this bearded, deep-voiced man “dolly”?

Alex’s nicknames for me pretty much change with the season. I was “baby” for a long time, then “foxy,” then “munchkin,” then “dubbas” (no idea), then “dollface,” and right now, because of our approaching honeymoon, he’s taken to calling me “doll-fahtzio,” which he insists means “dollface” in Italian.

What about you guys? What are your nicknames?

(Photos of us by Christine)

  1. Anonymous says...

    My name is Elizabeth and my friends are veryyyyy creative.

    Lizasauraus Rex
    Chicken Noodle Soup
    Kitty Kat
    Brown Eyed Beauty
    Lizzie (Only in a Brit accent)

    I used to get the Home song by Edward Sharpe in my head and my then bf would seriously call me sugarhoneydarlin
    honey honey

  2. I know this is an old post, but just had to comment on how cute the pictures of you and your Alex are! Sweet nicknames too. I’m “baby” or “darlin” to my boy and to me he’s “Indy” because he’s from Indiana. I love nicknames!

  3. Anonymous says...

    He calls me “scoiatolino” (Italian for “little squirrel”) for the way I squirm through his arms to cuddle up in the morning.

  4. Anonymous says...

    I call my boyfriend Snuggles and he calls me Snuggs. They’re super secret nicknames that no one else knows about!! He also sometimes calls me his Little Gingerbread Woman or his “Poor Little Gingy”! It’s insanely sickening…but I love it!

  5. Anonymous says...

    This is the weirdest nickname I have ever been called. My boyfriend (now ex, but when he was my boyfriend) called me “squirrel-bait”. I have no idea where he got it from or why he decided to call me that. But he did.

  6. Anonymous says...

    My Italian boyfriend just called me “Mommy”. I am confused by this. It was said kindly. Any thoughts?

  7. I have to remember, monthly it changes, it started as babe and baby like most couples but his names for me are most odd. Went from bumpkin to bumpy (sound weird) and bunchkins to bunchie. Darls (never was darling) lol.

  8. I’m usually called ‘Pu’, or ‘Móre’ and sometimes i call him ‘Fefo’, becose his name is Federico . He calls me ‘Mamore’ or ‘Pi’, depends on.
    It’s fun even when he says “hi pu!” I always answer: “Hi pi!”…It’s like a funny code with us.
    We speak Spanish, so perhaps here the unified pronunciation is not clear. Sorry!

    Nice post.-

  9. my boyfriend of 5 years has the same nickname! too weird! we came about it a similar way, trying different names previously but dolly’s the one that’s stuck for him! i call him doll for short, sometimes he’ll call me doll as well!

  10. Joe tends to call me “Sugar” and I tend to call him “Darlin'”, but we do like to change it up here and there! I was “Persian Tasty Cake” for awhile last year!

  11. we call each other ‘byku’ which came from babyku (translates from malay as ‘my baby’). i don’t even remember calling him by his name any more. when i do, he gets panicked and thinks it’s an urgent instruction or an emergency! :D

  12. ahahah can you guys be any cuter???? My nickname is ” baby sweets” then sometimes its shorten to Bsweets or just sweets. People look at us like we make them want to puke….but whenever i hear it i get all girlie and giggly for him all over again. So i def think nicknames are a must :o)

  13. I call him “bebé” wich is spanish for “baby”, and he calls me “chanchita” wich means “piggy”.
    Sometimes we trade and I call him “chanchito” and he calls me “bebota”.
    I think that if we broke up, one of the hardest things would be starting to call him by his real name again (Nicolás)

  14. we have so many! lately I’m poisson gonfle (specially with my puffy morning eyes). If not ma caille or mon crouton. He’s mon calisson, my froggy, mon chou..(yeah, very frenchie foodie stuff, which works because we both are chefs and he’s french)…

  15. ‘Spud’ for the youngest boy (whose actually James) ‘Al’ for the eldest (Alex is his name), and I get ‘babe’ from my wife or ‘dellbert’ from my friends…

  16. i love this post. my bf calls me baby and baby beluga (google baby beluga then the full house clip from you tube). even though he’s calling me a baby whale, i still think it’s cute. :) happy wedding day.

  17. My husband calls me Katie Bips. I usually go by Kate but he started calling me Katie Beth along time ago (as I am Katharine Elizabeth) and I guess he just made it shorter. I think it’s adorable, and it’s my twitter handle. But now everyone on twitter thinks my name is Katie. Oh well…

  18. dubba’s really funny! haha, makes me think of a rubber ducky.

    i’ve had lousyscum and grumpkin while growing up, just speaks of what an anti-social grump i was!

    and then now, my boyfriend calls me Mardy Bums which is the title of an Arctic Monkeys song. The song’s all about a grumpy moody girl. Doesn’t change much around me here, hahaha!

  19. Melina says...

    Oh, I forgot my elementary friends still call me Mimolata….I think they got this by adding onto my other nickname Mimo

  20. Melina says...

    Just like you Melinda, my brother found it hard to say my name (pronounced Mel-eena) so he calls me Mena. I have so many nicknames though. Let’s see….my parents call me Beanie or Beanie Waddle without any reason. There’s also Mimo; my older brother couldn’t say my name either. Also M has become increasingly popular. My bf calls me Lovey. Secretly I wish my nickname was Mel. One day…

  21. I am a girl and my real name is Kyle. Sooooo when my boyfriend Brad and I first started dating he did not like telling his friends he was watching a movie with Kyle, so I was nick named Kitty! Five years later he stuck and so did the nickname.

  22. The husband calls me “niko” which means “smile” in Japanese.

  23. When I was little my whole family would call me Knickers. And I’m still Knickers when I’m around them (my name is Nicole, btw) but with my friends I am Admiral.
    It all started with my friends thinking my Dad looked like a pirate and calling him Captain. And then somehow I got turned into Admiral and it has stuck.
    My sister’s name is Monica and I started calling her Demonica, and she hates it. I love saying it in public places.
    Also, I’m occasionally called Chaplin. But that’s a long story.

  24. My nickname is Dodo (pronounced Dough Dough) I’m also know as Char which is short for Charlotte :D I

  25. Kater, haha. He’s one of a handful of people who call me that in real life– so it has become my online handle.

    Sometimes I’m known as KSDR3000, which is a version of my robot self, made out of my initials, but that hasn’t been so for a while.


  26. we usually go with the typical “baby”, but there is sometimes there is the good old bill cosby style nickname “puddin pop”. one time we saw a little kid with a full diaper, and my boyfriend was like, aww look at that little “doodoobritches” and we laughed about it, saying how ridiculous of a nickname that was for anything… so sometimes, and only in public, he loves pulling that one out.

  27. have a page full list of only my nick names. official nick name being KAKU, i m usually also called kaks, k, kaa, kittu, kitty, cartoon, pinku, gypsy, dracula..and lots of other wierd ones. but my favourite one is Baby Cakes.
    original name Keerti.

  28. When we began dating, my hus-to-be called me “Sassy lil vixen.” Then I was “Cutie.” Now I’m “Nerds.” Maybe I should start wearing high heals again. ;)

  29. Netty ( for Annette ) & Bear ( for Derek, because hes a big fellow, like a linebacker.)

  30. I call Jon skinny in Italian, and also husbie-pie. He calls me whatever rhymes with what I just called him, like I say husbie, he says busbie. I also call him haybe (which is husband+baby).

    Cute question!

  31. this is going to sound ridiculous, but lately ive been calling my hubbie…beebert. haha it makes me laugh.

  32. I don’t get a creative nickname. Mine is just ‘Jen’ because he’s too lazy to pronounce 3 syllables. I call him ‘kid’ though, which annoys him, but it’s all out of love.

  33. these comments are so fun — thank you so much for sharing!!!!!

  34. lady is hilarious, i love that! and lulu, i LOVE the name (and spelling of) lucie!

  35. the nickname my husband gives to me is “lulu” because of my first name wich is lucie.
    but other members of my family call me “chichi mangou”: when I was a little girl, I can’t tell my name (lucie marcoux), which was transformed into “chichi mangou”.

  36. OMG this whole post is too cute for words…I can’t even take it! Paulie and I call each other “hon” 90% of the time. But, he does have some interesting nicknames for me that pop up from time to time, such as:

    Nasty Pants
    Little Ears Montgomery (apparently I have small ears)
    My Girl

    Now, if you ever do a post on the nicknames people have for their dogs, watch out. You will officially think I am certifiably crazy! (Banana-Face Babushka is just one of them.)

    Happy weekend, Joanna:) xx

  37. I just loved this post, and the fact that you call him dolly. My grandpa used to call me “doonks” – that’s probably my silliest nickname…

  38. My husband calls me Shaetzi or liebling. The first one mean treasure and the second one means my love. When I was little my grandpa called me Kelly belly and my dad called me funny face after a cartoon-Ziggy.

  39. My nickname is Cameron. A friend is convinced I look like Cameron Diaz

  40. oh i love dolly! guess a psychologist would call it a bit castrating, but it’s so lovely (and who cares about psychology, really…)
    my bf nicknames me moïno, or moïni (pronounced something like mo-ee-noh or mo-ee-nee), which is derived from moineau, which means sparrow in french! but he’s restrained enough not to call me that too much in public, how nice of him!
    on the other hand, my main nickname for him is gri (pronounced gree), which is just a contraction of his first name (gregory). The shameful part is that i secretely (ie: in my head) started calling him that before we started dating because i already liked him so much!
    his other nickname is very man friendly, as its “mon loup”, which means “my wolf”: strangely enough, he loves it!
    love reading all the nicknames, it’s really fun!


  41. my best friend used to call babies/little children ‘goobahllas'[don’t ask me why]. so adam and i used to call each other that as it was another name for baby. it has evolved over the years..goobah to hoobah to now hoobs and boobs. [this is not pronounced like breasts but like hood and wood etc..] anyway adam also calls me hoobs-nation or nation for short and then we call each other monkey, monkey guts, monkey hoobas..the list of weirdo names goes on and on and on!!! but everyone knows us as hoobs n boobs

  42. My sweetie started out calling me “deary poo”, then it somehow went to “pooper doodle”, and for years now it’s been “Doodle” (I am so glad it evolved into doodle and not pooper)

  43. My nickname changes with the seasons too…I’m boo, my love, blossom and now we have little ones “Mama Nic”…
    My husband only has a nickname! His real name is Donovan but he has NEVER been called that..always ‘Doc’…I call him gorgeous, sweets or boo.

  44. i call him: kitten, babes, ads, mittens, lovie.
    he calls me: kitten, mrs. mittens, lovie, mrs. rare rare.


  45. No joke, we call each other Poops and our kid Stinks. We have problems. Ah ha

  46. i’m berry
    he is Dickter
    together we are dickberry

  47. I love seeing everyone’s nicknames. My boyfriend has called me Pookie for a few years… even when he’s irritated at me. Occasionally he’ll call me Mrs. + (his last name) and I’ll always respond, “Not yet…”

  48. Love all these hilarious names!

    My mom calls me “Tatie-tot”…and she is the only one allowed to use it.

    My husband always has called me “Sweet thing” after the Waterboys song:

    I’ll cry if he ever stops.

  49. I call alfie “hom” short for hombre (spanish for man)

    And he calls me pecheech (spanish for spoiled)


  50. jobin or pistol.

  51. I’ve had a few ones.. being a redhead…

  52. Anonymous says...

    I call my boyfriend Hansel. I think i read somewhere it means Handsome in dutch or something.
    his name for me is not so refined, he calls me Bindy Boozer, or Bindo (my name’s belinda).

  53. my boyfriend is the nick name master. I sometimes call him sawyer to make fun of him. But other than that I have no nickname for him at all except for hon and we’ve been together for 4 years. I guess I am not very original when it comes to nicknames. I just can’t think of a good one for him, I suppose I always thought one would just come at the right time but it hasn’t yet.

    My boyfriend calls me bear mostly, but others include wuggles, snuggles, mommy ?, wugga, wugga bear, snuggle bear, you get the idea.

    I nicknamed my son jonah bean and now my boyfriend calls him bergels, wanzzle, cranzzle, johanesburgs, cranzinator, wanzinator, bergelnator, beansie, beansinator, monkey, etc. etc. Ha! Ha!

    So….I need some good nickname ideas!

  54. I like his current one for you…too funny.

    I call Dave “Nojulbe P. Narwhal” and have an entire jingle about his life in the arctic.

    At first he was insulted at the whale reference but it’s grown on him. I usually just call him “Nojulbe”

  55. pretty much just my mom calls me lindsey lou. her friends like to call me Hannah, that’s my middle name.

  56. I call my husband fofo (pronounced fofoo), and he calls me fofa (or sometimes fofinha, which is the diminutive), which in portuguese means something like “cute/fluffy”.

  57. My husband and I are big outdoor lovers, so I started calling him ‘Bear’ after Bear Grylls on the Discovery Channel. He calls me ‘Beloved’ from Song of Solomon in the Bible.

    such cute pictures!!

  58. E says...



    Google it. The animal. “slow loris”

  59. louis calls me ‘Lady,’ everyone (including me,) loves it. some of our guy friends even started calling me lady.

  60. ab says...

    As a kid, my parents turned my strange-enough name (Asia) into Bodacious. Now my husband calls me Bub, and I call him (Todd) T, Tood, Tito, etc.

  61. Me and the hubs call each other versions of “Bee.” I call him Bumble Buns and Bumbles and he calls me BeeBee. People are so confused when it slips in public.

  62. my bf calls me “cookie”.. when he calls me by name, i know that he’s gettin really serious.. :D