1. Many thanks for the exciting blog posting! I really enjoyed reading it, you are a brilliant writer. I actually added your blog to my favorites and will look forward for more updates. Great Job, Keep it up.. :)

  2. I am a graduate student studying school counseling. I learned in my child development class that a baby’s babble produces sounds that are found in all languages in the world. Eventually when the baby begins to learn his or her home language, the sounds that are not common in their native language dissapear. Pretty cool to think that we each had the capaticy to speak any language perfectly when we are babies.

  3. I’m read it about it is so funny because one day I tried to check it with my little brother and every time that I said something He move his mouth.

  4. ok, if this can make the heart of someone who does NOT have baby fever (that would be me) melt then it is automatically very dangerous for your to expose yourself to – i’m just sayin’ xx


  5. I studied linguistics at some point in college and learned that tiny babies make all 100-and-something noises that the human vocal apparatus can make, but by about 6 months, they are already limiting those noises to the family of dipthongs, etc, in their mother tongue. Which is to say — they baby-talk in their parents’ accent.

    But then I read more recent studies that negate the theory. Still, I prefer to believe that infants speak the ur-language of the human race….

  6. I never stop being amazed about the brilliance of the cycle of life!


  7. Even better: very young babies show NO preference for any particular language and accent. After a few months though, they learn to prefer that of their parents. I always thought that was cool.


  8. Oh my gosh…I honestly just did a double take. This little girl looks A LOT like my own little love. So sweet!

  9. You are not helping my current case of baby fever….Expect an angry letter from my husband. :)

  10. Babies cried accents? I’ll try to be more attentive with international babies… Funny!

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  12. Very sweet! I had no idea.

  13. Hands down cutest baby EVER! Love that photo!

  14. I totally heard that story a few days ago! So amazing how we are made:)

  15. SERIOUSLY?! wow that is amazing! …and THAT baby?! ADORABLE!!

  16. JD says...

    I love NPR!

  17. adorable! i wonder if someday my kids will mimic kiwi’s new zealand accent?

  18. Oh, what a beautiful picture of that mama and baby!

    Too precious.

  19. it2s definitely true!! i saw and heard it personally..

  20. Anonymous says...

    Hmm… I wonder if my baby will cry in twang!!!

  21. I heard the same story!

    that baby is so cute!

  22. Jo – you are baby obsessed, I love it lol

  23. There is so sound I like more, than that of a babies voice. Too sweet….

  24. Change of subject, just read (on facebook) that your friend Porter won the contest and will receive a walk-on role on Mad Men… very cool!

  25. Wow! that is so interesting (: You always have the most lovely things to share, thank you!

  26. As a mother of (only) three I have long suspected that crying IS language to the baby, and the accent study would support this.

    By the way, Elodie is lovely name and that baby is so scrumptious I am seriously considering having another one. My baby just turned 1. It’s time to start thinking.

  27. Oh, I heard that story! Awesome!!!

  28. that’s amazing!

  29. Ive always wondered why people have accents.

  30. Wonderful, beautiful, miraculous, little sponges! I just spent the last three weeks with a newborn and my heart is still as soft as a cloud.

  31. Awwwwww! melt my heart already!

  32. So cool! Babies arrive fully equipped!!

  33. that’s sooooooooo cute! i wonder if our baby wound mimic the hubby’s new jersey accent? lol

  34. When my little one first started talking she had a British accent. It was so cute.
    Soon slipped away into Daddy’s American Drawl though (heehee), but how lovely her voice is still!

  35. That is precious and that baby in the picture is adorable!

  36. so awesome. babies are smart!

  37. Hi Jo,
    Thought you might be interested in this Audrey Hepburn auction happening in London next month.
    Cheers,Sara xx

  38. aw what a sweet and interesting study.

  39. RIght after reading my daily Cup of Jo, I saw this story on Huffington Post: http://tinyurl.com/yfhxozy. Dad only spoke Klingon to his son for the first 3 years of his life. Wonder how his son mimicked that?

  40. i adore that family. too cute!

  41. that is precious…

    look at that baby! oh my.

  42. i know! i heard that on the radio last week. so cute…and it totally makes sense! :)

  43. That’s adorable and detrimental to my “no more babies” rule right now.

  44. I love that! Way too cute and fascinating. What an adorable baby. NPR rocks.

  45. That’s so fascinating! I love NPR. Also, I noticed the momma and daughter in the photo are named Elizabeth and Elodie… which are two of the sweetest most darling names in all of history. What a cute pair :)

  46. Fascinating…
    I want to squeeze both cheeks!!!

  47. That’s a beautiful bit of news. I love the sound of people with different accents and languages. Whether it’s someone from Mobile, Alabama or Paris, France. It is lovely to hear the little song disguised in people’s voices. =)

  48. Goodness me, this made me smile so big! I can’t think of anything sweeter. Thanks for the post, darling.


  49. i wonder what my buffalo kids cries sound like to other people! probably terrible!!! haha