1. M says...

    I JUST saw this…where have I been? I’ve been thinking of sending my daughter to ballet class but she’s a klutz and this sooo reminds me of her!

  2. Ohhh that’s SO adorable! Poor thing :)

  3. hehe awwww. so cute. she’s trying so hard!


  4. If we all tried just as hard we’d all have it made! such a sweetie! :)

  5. Oh my goodness! That was overwhelming cuteness! Headache!!


  6. Adorable little girl, but I’m afraid that teacher needs to be fired. She is teaching them all the wrong stuff which can lead to serious joint injuries for those girls. I hope someone has managed to inform the parents of those girls that.

  7. Sweet little angels,she is so adorable and i appreciate that she is trying hard to stand in a perfect position.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diKj68Rb_xk This video totally made my day a beautiful one..Thanks to you…

  8. Forget dancing, she’s the next Buster Keaton!

  9. Oh my God, I hadn’t seen this. Thanks for providing some much-needed lightheartedness to my day! She’s no quitter!

  10. She’s so cute! I love this video. This is the first time I’ve seen this so thanks for re-posting.

  11. This is so so cute. Thanks!

  12. thats the cutest thing!

  13. This is so sweet and what a great teacher these kids have! She’s so sweet and supportive!

  14. This is so cute – she should win first prize for effort!


  15. This video literally made me laugh out loud. My mother has a similar video of me at 6 in a recital where I’m at least 5 seconds behind everyone else.

  16. Oh, so adorable and precious. I started laughing immediately.

  17. PRECIOUS!!!

  18. Thank you i just die laughing!!!!

  19. Oh my god… I can’t stop laughing!! Never seen someone having so much trouble getting his feet into first position, and I danced for many years!!

  20. Oh how cute! Poor things, she is trying but totally agree- hilarious!

  21. Hahaha!! Oh my goodness!! How adorable! She is trying so hard which is simply adorable!

  22. adorable! i want to give her a big hug. she can do it!

  23. han… it’s so cute !!

  24. Anonymous says...

    if only i had this tenacity….

  25. She is gorgeous, what a little sweetheart. I think i was exactly the same when I was learning ballet!

  26. ADORABLE!!!

  27. I LOVE THIS VIDEO. It’s on repeat and makes me laugh til my stomach hurts! She’s absolutely perfect! Thanks for sharing :)

  28. My husband and I just cried tears of laughter while watching that poor little girl. That is SO our oldest daughter. She is her father’s child, that’s for sure. Thanks for the laugh!

  29. Joanna, I’m thinking, “It’s ok if your shoes aren’t doing it.” will have to be my new motto. (Though I’m not sure my shoes would appreciate being blamed for my blatant lack of coordination.)
    Anyhow… back to watching the video for the five zillionth time. Boy, it’s a keeper.

  30. Anonymous says...

    ha! that had me cracking up, yet totally inspired by that adorable girl’s determination!
    i’m contemplating signing up my little one for ballet at joffrey–i can totally see her contorting all over the place like that! so cute–thanks for sharing!

  31. Anonymous says...

    We should watch and appreciate what our children are working so hard on – whether or not it is at the pace of the others. Sometimes we really have to pay attention to see how hard they are working on getting control of their bodies! Adorable!!!! This little girl has such determination!

  32. Her little haircut reminded me of Anna Wintour, so that made it all the funnier – picturing AW struggling to get into first position!

  33. she is so cute! i want one

  34. I agree with you Beatriz, when my son played soccer at age four, all the boys were running after that ball, well,
    not my son, he was too busy lying on his stomach picking all the clovers out of the ground, and you know what?, I was in stitches that when I was filming the camera was shaking so badly because I was laughing sooo hard. I think with that determination that little girl is going to be president some day!!!! LOL.

  35. This is just too cute! Love it :)

  36. I was the exact same child in my ballet class 18 years ago, haircut and all. I sent the video to my family and they totally agree!

  37. In tears… that was SO HYSTERICAL!! I couldn’t help but wonder how the parents kept from busting out laughing.. I would have died. Does that mean I will make an awful parent?? haha! Too funny. What a sweetheart.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

    That Girl in Pearls

  38. Laughed my butt off!! Needed that.
    I could so see my little one doing this, but she’d actually break down into tears after like the 3rd try.

    The Cheeky Cafe

  39. Anonymous says...

    This is so adorable. Children are so earnest.

  40. Mo says...

    How adorable! Those darn shoes!

    I really hope she applies this type of perseverance to everything else in her life.

    And the teacher is so nice!

  41. N says...

    That is SO cute! I couldn’t help but watch it a few times. It totally melted my heart when she had to use her hands to get the position. Those wobbly legs!

  42. I think I watched this ten times and laughed till I had tears in my eyes each time. Best youtube video ever!

  43. god bless you for bringing this into my life. the way her arms and legs are incapable of doing two different things at once…uh-dor-uh-bull.

  44. So cute!

  45. Anonymous says...

    this remind me of myself, i also have two left feet!!


  46. Ha ohhh this is like watching my life on tape. Still so clumsy!

  47. Hilarious :DD
    Sometimes I feel like that in my ballet lessons..

  48. This is absolutely adorable!! Thanks for posting it!

  49. She’s like a mini Audrey Hepburn. And the teacher sounds so lovely.

  50. What a cutie ! Thanks to this video, my husband wants to have a little girl ! :-)))

  51. It’s like watching myself! Haha.

  52. made my monday!

    soo sweet and funny.


  53. aw she’s trying so hard!

  54. Lol….she gets an A for effort…it’s her shoes that won’t cooperate.

  55. Is she my daughter????? Can´t stop laughing!!!!

  56. Too cute. Brings back memories of my unfortunate escapades in dance.

  57. jajajjaja…que niñita tan linda!!!

  58. omgosh soo adorable!! she is trying so hard!


  59. Oh wow. This is adorable. Just adorable. I can’t stop laughing either–and I am work. This was a great–nice needed break. She is trying to desperately hard to make it work.

  60. hahahah I can’t stop laughing. She is so adorable you just want to eat her up. :)

  61. Love this!!! I can totally picture my little girl doing that in a year or so – absolutely precious!!

  62. Aw man. Took me right back to childhood ballet class. You and me both, kiddo.

  63. I hope she applies that same determination to everything she attempts! Bless her heart, that was precious.

  64. Ah haha! Can’t. stop. laughing. absolutely adorable!

  65. She gets an “A” for sheer determination! Great girl!

    Best Monday video so far! Thank you!

  66. cath, i agree! her teacher is so nice. “it’s ok if your shoes aren’t doing it.” :)

  67. i had to share this was too cute.

  68. love it! she is determined:)

  69. Ha! I feel like that in yoga class ALL the time :)

  70. soooo adorbs!

  71. awwww. she is trying so hard!
    what a sweetie!

  72. After a terrible day at work, this little real thing has made me smile, then laugh, then feel that life is just made of these little things.
    Thanks for sharing.

  73. She’s soo cute.. poor little thing! So sweet!

  74. Anonymous says...

    This is so incredibly sweet! Love it! Thanks for sharing.

  75. She’s got so much determination in her little body. I love two things, in particular here. One: How her hands and arms are trying to mimic what her feet are suppose to be doing and Two: The teacher’s sweet patience. Thanks for sharing. It’s a real pick-me-up on a Monday morning.

  76. how cute

  77. Aww… she’s adorable!
    I remember in ballet taking forever to get my attitude to the right height…


  78. Omg that little thing! Poor sweetie she is too adorable!!!

  79. Ha! My friend posted this to my wall and I watched it so many times! Let me tell you… I can completely relate to this video. But I never write a kid off because the ones who don’t give up are the ones who become the best dancers.

  80. awwww that is so cute!

  81. Aw, when she tried to move her feet with her hands (just like her teacher did), it was just so adorable.

    When I used to teach preschoolers through kindergartners, we always put little silver or gold stars (like teachers use) on the instep heels of their ballet shoes, and would tell the girls to point their stars to the mirrors. :)

  82. oh my goodness, hehehehehe soooooo stinkin cute!!!!

  83. This is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen!
    Poor thing!


  84. She kinda invents her own dance as she is trying to get the magic “V” shape with her feet. What a sweetheart.

  85. That is seriously one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen! She’s clearly trying so hard and it’s so cute to watch her try to move her feet, look over at the other girls and try to copy their feet, and then lose balance! What a cutie!

    And They Lived Happily Ever After…

  86. Allison says...

    this is so sweet! she made me smile, what a doll <3 and i like how kind her teacher is too, aww. perfection for a monday morning, thank you!

  87. joanna…i’m dying over the cuteness!
    i used to teach ballet to little girls and that video is bringing me back! i love how encouraging the teacher is and how hard she’s trying! what a peanut!!

  88. super cute… she just cant get that position, but at least she has her “walk like an egyptian” down pat…


  89. Oh my god that little girl is adorable! I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard but she’s the most precious thing!

    As a mom it makes my heart go out to her in such a huge way!

  90. OOOooooh! So cute! Adorable! And as you say, she’s really trying so hard!
    Thanks for sharing!

  91. Hahahahaha… awesome.

  92. OMG her little hands! What a darling! This makes me hope my girls want to dance!

  93. poor little thing!!! i was pigeon toed as a kid and my feet still don’t willingly go to first position. what spirit :)

  94. thats why most teachers say kids should be at least 5/6 years old until they start dance classes. they should be aware of their bodies, have balance, etc.

  95. She is so adorable and she is trying so hard:) So cute!!

  96. Awww! I love it! This is hilarous. I’m sure I looked the same in dance class.

  97. So cute! I can’t wait until Eleanor is old enough to take dance lessons.

  98. Anonymous says...

    So maybe not dancing. How about karate?

  99. Oh my goodness! She’s SO cute!!! I love it. Can’t wait to show Aron.
    (P.S. Thanks for the note on baby mine–eek! xo)

  100. that was too funny, thanks for sharing it. My 3 year old does ballet so I really can appreciate the little girl’s struggle.

  101. oh my can I relate! I was horribly pigeon toed when I was a kid, thank GOD I was a tomboy too so I never had to be this little chick!

  102. oh my gosh, this just made my morning. it killed me!!! i can’t stop giggling.

  103. This video just made my day!

  104. Oh, that’s just adorable, but I must admit, Evil Me just laughed out loud!
    Thanks for the share!

  105. Awh! Bless her :)

  106. Oh my gosh – when she goes to move her feet into the right position with her hands? Slayed me!


  107. Awww..she is so adorable and she was really trying to stand as they told her to..This video totally made my morning. Thanks!