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  5. HAHAH that was really funny video.. i remember my childhood when i was told not to eat the chocolate in shelf and i have to do know. because the inner voice use to remind me about it..

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  13. I’ll have to try that with my kids,haha. That age is tooo cute!

  14. This little blond boy is just adorable and very determined. That is funny to see that little girl who ate the marshmallow immediately when it was in her plate!

  15. ahaha that is the funniest thing ever. I need to watch it again, and again, and again

  16. Aww! That was too cute…and very interesting!

  17. thanks for posting this…i haven’t laughed so hard at one of these videos in a loooong time! :D

  18. I think if I had been given this test (temptation) when I was little the panelists would be shocked…because, although I loved sweets, I wasn’t that fond of marshmallows. I could have sat there all day! Now, if they had placed a bowl of ice cream in front of me, I’d be chomping at the bit to get my hands on it…lol!

  19. My children are go (and went) to the local university for preschool. The students that attend the school sometimes participate in research and I got to see my 3 year old doing this first hand. We stepped out of the room and he had to wait by himself for 5 minutes before he could eat his M&M’s. An eternity for a 3 year old. He couldn’t make it the whole time so he rang the bell for us to come back early. Funny what kids will do to try to resist!

  20. This is just too funny! LOL

  21. ah yes, the good old marshmallow temptation, i love it. it shows how much determination a child have when they want to. i should try this experiment on my 3yr old & see what happens ;)

  22. i have never laughed that hard! so great!

  23. K says...

    Really cute! It reminds me of my baby brother trying to lie about how many pieces of candy he ate to get more, LOL. Kids, they are so much fun!

  24. this is hilarious!!! i love it!!!

  25. I have seen this experiment before a few years ago, but on a different programme in England. I love it! So funny and cute xx

  26. That is brilliant and made me laugh a lot. Props to the little one who just stuffed it in her mouth before the lady even left!!

  27. oh dear lord! LOVED the little fellow with the buzzed haircut. And the JOY when he got number two and gobbled them up. Thanks for the giggle.

  28. Delightful to watch little ones exercise their newly developing impulse control. It’s very hard to delay gratification at that age. Too cute.

  29. this. is. adorable. the little blonde boy makes me think of my nephew – precious!

  30. haha, I love the little bot at 2:50, so cute! haha, know I want a mashmellow!

  31. Their little reactions are too precious! One of the sweeter videos I’ve seen on the internet.

    P.S. My Alex + I are having a pizza night too. The best. Enjoy the weekend!


  32. I saw this the other day and thought it was great. The faces the kids make and how many of them smell the marshmallow.

  33. Oh my heavens!!! I laughed soooo hard!!!!! The precious little red head couldnt even wait!!! xx

  34. This is hilarious! Funny how they touch it, and smell it… and oh the funny faces! :)

  35. ohmygosh…they are so cute! this totally made my last few minutes at work MUCH more fun :)

  36. I want to know what all the other kids did! I saw this on a documentary once but it was with gummy bears or something and not as adorable.

  37. You can see their brains on overdrive. That redhaired girl never stood a chance though.

  38. ahh. just made my day. this is lovely. thanks for the link. i love the little girl who partially eats it. hilarious!

  39. So HILARIOUS! I can’t stop laughing. How these little marshmallows can be tempting! I’ll eat it, not waiting for the second. Joanna, you have such great photos from your honeymoon! Love them all!

  40. I love this. I reposted it on my blog. Have a beautiful weekend!

  41. I have seen this before, but I will watch it again. So. freaking. adorable.

  42. GREAT! There is something very mighty about those tiny marshmallows. :)

  43. M. says...

    I love the kid who eats both at once! poor thing was gonna have a nervous break down.looooool

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  44. You know, I did hear about this on NPR recently – on Fresh Air I think…?
    Since then, I’ve been wondering: how would I have done on the test?

  45. cuuuuuuuuuute ^___^

  46. that is too funny! now i want some marshmallows (i think i’ll go eat 2 right now :)

  47. That was the cutest ever, what temptations for those lil guys. very cute indeed

  48. OMG!!! What a great experiment!! i loved the video. Kids are funny. They want it all but they have to be patience sometimes. Thanks for sharing.
    B a la Moda

  49. Hahaha! Those kids are trying SO HARD!

  50. That’s just adorable! That last little boy was the best… I’d have been exactly like him I believe lol

  51. I saw another video of this once where a little girl would put the marshmallow in her mouth, then spit it out and put it back on the plate. At first, it looked fine, but eventually, it turned into a gooey blob and she started to get nervous.

    Too cute. And I agree, the ones who mime eating are my favorites!

  52. BAHAHAHHA Does that one kid KISS it?!?!?!? HAHAHAH

  53. This article is fascinating… thanks for the link!

  54. i remember the new yorker article. this video is great. i love those who pretend to or act out the eating in anticipation!

  55. ha so cute! I love the little girl at the end who starts eating it before the woman even leaves the room :)

  56. That is so adorable! I especially love the little boy that keeps smelling it! I would totally do that.

  57. SK says...

    oh my goodness they are ADORABLE!!! i watched it without the sound but couldn’t contain my laughter!

  58. Hi, I read about this in the paper this week, but never got round to viewing the video! Thanks for sharing, so cute! Have a sweet weekend! x

  59. haha, i know, it was making me laugh out loud!

  60. What a darling video! I loved it!

  61. So cute!!
    Have a Beautiful weekend ~~

    xo Laura

  62. Anonymous says...

    There is a great Radio Lab podcast about this too.. good stuff..
    congrats on your amazing honeymoon!

  63. saw this the other day and had tears streaming down my cheeks. so incredibly cute.

  64. Thanks for sharing! That is very interesting!

  65. So adorable!

  66. Very very funny! And interesting though… :D

  67. katie says...