My darlings! What are you up to this weekend? This week, Alex and I went to the insane play Sleep No More. It felt almost like a haunted house: Everyone in the audience had to wear white masks, and you wander silently around a four-story warehouse in Chelsea. The whole warehouse is designed to look like the setting of Macbeth, and it’s incredibly elaborate–from children’s bedrooms to a detective’s office to a moonlit graveyard. You go up twisting staircases, open creaky doors, explore empty rooms, open drawers and rifle through papers, feel your way down dark hallways…it’s really spooky! I made Alex hold my hand the whole time and only freaked out once when there was a strobe light. Now and again, actors will come into the room, and everyone will watch them, until they dart off again. It was, as Alex would say, “a trip.” (New Yorkers, you can read more here if you want to go!) Anyway, hope you have a fun weekend, and here are a few great posts from around the web…

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And a big thank you to Refinery 29!

(Photo taken at the Memphis Zoo by Karen Pulfer Focht for the The Commercial Appeal newspaper. Via Leigh)