1. ceringe

  2. This totally brightened my night. How incredibly adorable! Toby is insanely cute. LOVE! xoxo

  3. monica says...

    what a beautiful family! i just love seeing toby in his adorable shirtlessness :)

  4. omg so adorable make me wanna have one of my own!!

  5. oh my, what a sweet little man :) you & alex are so blessed

  6. that has to be the cutest little video i have ever seen! toby is just divine. i laughed out loud when i heard his adorable little giggle.


  7. This is so adorable I watched it twice :). I love how he is kind of over it for a while and then suddenly starts to giggle again right at the end. So so cute!!

  8. that baby is adorable!!! completely. but also you´re like super pretty, you look like from a movie star and you sound like one. And alex is cute too. freaking cute family, you should post a family picture.

  9. what a cutie!

  10. Lovely to see you and Toby, he is a gorgeous little boy!

  11. This is absolutely adorable–Toby is practically perfectly gorgeous. Your little family seems wonderful and so lovely. :)


  12. Julia says...

    This is so beautiful. You and your family are an inspiration!

  13. adorable!

  14. This made my day! Thank you for sharing.

  15. Lol! It looks like he tires himself out after each little laughing spurt! Cute :)

  16. Baby laughs are the best. The first time my son did it, he started crying because it scared him. Toby is looking more and more like a “kid” every day!

  17. This video makes me giggle. Something about baby laughter!

  18. Too cute! Lovely post to kick off the weekend :)

  19. aaaw soo sweet! He is such an adorable little cutie! xo

  20. This is so beautiful. :)

  21. Just gorgeous x

  22. they also say the average 4 year old asks up to 500 questions a day. i’d say they’re pretty correct on that one. (my four year old asks so many interesting questions) enjoy your little one and his laughs.

  23. Toby is wonderful & growing oh so quickly!

    As a side note Joanna, being Australian every time I catch glimpses of your accent it takes me by surprise/ makes me smile!

    Have a wonderful day!

  24. Ohhhh, so adorable and cute!
    Have a great weekend guys.

  25. made me smile! and the fact about 4 year olds…that’s amazing! :)

  26. This totally made me smile!

  27. adorable! the simple joys…

  28. He so ROUND & CUTE!!!!

    I showed this to my mum and she said new parents can spend hours just doing this with their babies :)

    too much cuteness

  29. My lord, Toby is too adorable! And his laugh is so contagious :)

  30. He is so precious! And a little one’s laugh is just music to the ears :)

    xo, Nadia

  31. There is nothing better than a baby’s laugh. Thanks for sharing!

  32. Cute. :)
    At the end he’s utterly bored. haha

  33. this is thee cutest video! you look like such an adorable family!

  34. you’re whole family is stinkin’ adorable! have a great weekend :)

  35. he is soooo cute! and lol “he’s like: ok, i’m totally over you guys…” =)

  36. ARG, the cuteness!!! He is beautiful.

  37. Absolutely the BEST sound it the world!!!!

  38. How adorable!
    they find the most random things funny.
    Such a pure view on life :)


    -Morgan (Blackbird Fly)
    Blackbird Fly

  39. baby laughter is one of the best sounds in the world.

  40. So adorable. Is there anything better than baby laughter? Have a nice weekend, Joanna & Co.

  41. sooo stinkin’ cute i can hardly handle it!

  42. You are all so sweet and cute! Toby’s laugh is infectious… thanks for sharing, Joanna! I needed to smile after a rough week. Kathy

  43. he is just the most beautiful baby :) & he looks super happy.

    what a cutie patootie!

  44. He’s so soooo precious! I always laugh exactly like him, like a baby and my friends laugh at me! And it’s the first time I hear your voice, it seems so awkward, nice awkward.

    Lots of love and many kisses for Toby!


  45. So precious, that sound can never get old! Your commentary throughout adds to the hilarity as well.

  46. so cute!

  47. Oh man, this video makes my baby fever rise. So adorable! :)

  48. such a little cutie :)

  49. and i can verify that there’s a lot of laughing/giggling and general goofing from my three-and-three-quarter year old. it’s one of my favourite sounds in the entire world (obv).

    it’s so great, you’ve got a lot of laughter coming your way! isn’t that a lovely thought?

  50. ohhhhhh my goodness… he is stinking adorable!!!

  51. Oh man-that little guy has the greatest laugh!

  52. Hahaha, so adorable! I love how he faked you out at the end and laughed right before you stopped filming!

  53. well, isn’t he so sweet and plumptious? and i love your accent!

  54. so cute :)

  55. That’s just too cute!!! And he’s getting so big! Thanks for sharing :)

  56. Ha! Ha! I think the way they’re ripping that paper is pretty funny too Toby!!! ^_^

  57. I remember watching a video of Moses laughing like 300 times. I bet you’ve got this on repeat.

    It is really really cute.

  58. Cutest thing ever! :)

  59. Awwww, that’s so adorable! (:

  60. So, so cute!!

  61. Very cute!

  62. precious!!

  63. Toby – I agree, paper ripping is the BEST!


  64. Aww, that a baby laugh just melts my heart!! Thanks for the smiles :)

  65. That makes me so happy :) He’s adorable.

  66. It is, bar none, my absolute favorite sound in the world!!! It must be even better for you, Jo! Have a lovely weekend and thanks for sharing the joy!

  67. SO adorable!! :) Bet you can’t wait for his first Christmas!

  68. LOVE IT! Made my morning! :)

  69. so cute i actually teared up a bit and squealed…you are giving me baby fever!

  70. this is absolutely adorable! toby is the cutest, oh my gosh. I’m in love : )

  71. That is tooooo cuute! I love how he just got over it after a while, what a funny boy!

  72. He’s adorable !!! Oh my God…such a bless!

    …and you Joanna…you’re a great mom !

    Have a fun weekend as a family you guys!


  73. That absolutely made my day. I am about to head to work and we are having some major personnel issues and I’m dreading it. I needed a sweet, innocent laugh!

  74. Isn’t it the coolest thing to see/feel/hear everything from their perspective? What was once a normal procedure for unwrapping paper suddenly becomes a game….
    Precious! Love those cheeks!

  75. Oh sheesh, that just brightened my morning! It’s impossible not to crack up with him when he throws his head back like that. Hilarious!

  76. This is the cutest thing ever! I love that Daddy is entertaining him too.

  77. Adorable!!!

  78. Btw: Isnt it amazing that kids can find the most ordinary items amusing…:)

  79. oh, yes, rhea, i remember that! too cute!

  80. awww that is so adorable:)He is growing so fast!!!
    What a funny little guy:)