A lovely print for her bedroom, $15. (Update: Good news, she added more to the shop!)


Compost cookies
with pretzels, chocolate, oats, coffee and potato chips (holla!), $10 for six. (They also have blueberry and cream cookies, yum.)


The newly restored dvd of Breathless, $31.96, wrapped in a French striped shirt.


A handmade cutting board from the Hudson Valley, $38, along with three stinky cheeses.


Pretty triangle earrings that she can wear with everything, $30.


A vintage scarf, $55, that she can wear around her neck or wrap around her head like Audrey Hepburn. (Bonus: It looks like modern art!)


You Are Beautiful pencils
, because it’s true. $10 for six.


A bundle of dried lavender to make her desk feel like the English countryside, $10.


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