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  4. This looks like something I would devour.
    Favorite cheese? That’s like picking a favorite dessert or favorite pair of shoes – impossible. Every day I want different one.

  5. Being a stinking cheese addict(and French),i can tell this one is worth trying(with a wallnut bread,yummy!).
    The Maroille is great too.

    You just need to have an excellent tooth paste and brush if you want to keep your husband ;)

  6. La Sauvagine, Petite Basque, & Chevre with honey & pepper, all on the same platter. YUM!

  7. Wenslydale with cranberries is my favorite cheese, followed closely by a nice brie and some smoked Gouda. Delicious!

  8. Currently its Somerset Camembert from Cricket St. Thomas near Chard. It’s lovely.

  9. I have been loving wensleydale with cranberries. Yum!

  10. that is a tough one.
    i think STILTON BLUE CHEESE has to be one of my favorites.

  11. this shot is great! i love a good camembert–though the good ones can get very stinky.

  12. Anonymous says...

    The Stinkier the Better… Love Epoisses! Love the goooey textures

  13. Gosh, I LOVE cheese so much, I don’t think I could ever choose a favorite…

    I love Boursin spreads!

  14. Anyone who lives near CT and loves cheese CANNOT miss this shop http://www.caseusnewhaven.com! The owner and the employees all love to share their knowledge of cheese with the customers. And there is an organic restaurant next door. Once in a lifetime experience – I promise!

  15. HAHA! That’s hilarious, my fiancee almost banned me from driving his car when I packed stinky cheese on one of our long driving trips to Michigan! Teehee! :)

  16. I’ll take anything smoked. On our one day “minimoon” the day after our wedding, husband and I were gifted a cheese plate with the most amazing chunk of orange, brown-rinded, smokey deliciousness. I wish I knew exactly what it was! Applewood smoked cheddar is close (and very, very good) but nothing quite compares.

  17. i live in brazil and one of brazilans’ favorite foods is cheese – we put it on ev-uh-ree-thinnnggg!

    but especially our own traditional “queijo minas” from my home state of minas gerais.

    try to look for it in brazilian markets in NY – i know they have them!!! :-)

    you can have it with anything – from bread to crackers to dulce de leche, to guava paste (yummm)

  18. haha that’s hilarious.

  19. that’s awesome!! epoisses is actually my favorite cheese!!! the cheese guy at the whole foods at columbus circle once told me that it is the best cheese i’d ever try (and worth the twenty dollars) and it was!! it doesn’t need a thing to go with it, it is so good alone or just with a little cracker!

  20. pasteurized version of epoisses, kills epoisses. my favourite chees IS epoisses. and it’s not so stinky. et mes amis: vive la france!!!!

  21. What a cute question…my favourite cheese is mersey valley, vintage and crumbly

  22. I don’t eat much cheese from animals anymore, but when I did eat it I opted for the really stinky, gooey kind. I fell in love with cheese in Switzerland, and while attending school in Germany I literally made myself sick from eating too much cheese.

    I’ve eaten cheese about once a month for the past year, and it’s usually on pizza. Many who quit eating animals and animal products say giving up cheese is no big deal, but I can’t say I’ve had the same experience. It’s really the only thing I miss. I do miss cheese, but not enough to start eating it again. But I will say, soy cheese isn’t the same.

  23. Anonymous says...

    Just a quick comment to the person that posted you cannot consume unpasteurized cheese when nursing – that is false. You absolutely can! I never would have breastfed my daughter for 22 months otherwise :) – we lived in France for my pregnancy, her birth and her first 5 months before a move to Asia. I would have gone insane after abstaining for 9 long months!

  24. I’m a sucker for Hudson Valley Camembert. Also, the triple creme Brillat Savarin is sooooo good.

    I once broke into on a smelly Camembert sandwich on a metro car in Barcelona. People were not pleased (to say the least!)

  25. mmmm. i heart cheese.

    comte from france and manchego from spain!

  26. J says...

    This is funny because we went to the market tonight and spent about $30 just on cheese!
    I love Havarti, white cheddar and Gouda!

  27. Oh lordy, I was already hungry when I started reading this post & now all I can think about is brie!!!!

  28. I. LOVE. CHEESE. I can’t say that enough… but it doesn’t love my hips =P My favorite for years was brie (especially wrapped in pilsbury dough and baked). Now, I think Chevre Goat cheese has surpassed it. My favorite way to eat it is on a cracker with jelly/jam (Habanero Raspberry Jelly please).

  29. I love Morbier & Port Salut… both french cow’s milk cheeses :)

  30. Here in Montreal we have a lovely stinky cheese called St. Andre. Delicious on baguette.

  31. Actually, epoisses is my favorite. It’s from the Bourgogne region in France, where I studied, and I’ll never forget the day that it was opened, stinking up the room–but then you spoon it out and it’s creamy and buttery (pungent but not off-putting). I might wait for unpasterized (when you can have it with a Burgundy or Sauterne), but if you can find it otherwise… Enjoy!

  32. All of you cheddar lovers need to try Grafton Cheddar. Their ‘mild’ cheddar is sharper than most. SO GOOD!
    I’m also in love with some good Juusto (bread cheese) found in the Midwest. YUM!

  33. OK. You and me we’re gunna have a problem if you keep posting your food cravings. OK. You hearin’ me?
    (Sad, with a wink and a grin).

  34. I’m obsessed with cheese.. one of my favorite foods!! It’ funny, today I was having a conversation with a few ladies about cheese. Once shared how se used to drop a chunk of sharp cheddar in her hot chocolate, and I’m a fan of an american slice on hot apple pie. Mmmmm… anyway I a currently head over heels with laughing cow cheese. <3

  35. if you like that try grayson its delicious!

  36. really stinky sharp blue cheese! I had some that was wrapped in maple leaves from spain. it was perfect.

  37. Since I’m vegan I like vegan “cheese” ;)

    Though, I haven’t always been vegan. And before I stopped eating animal products all together I LOVED Gouda cheese.

  38. Where do I start?! Top five:

    1. Cambozola
    2. Gruyere
    3. Manchego
    4. Blue D’Auvergne
    5. Parmagiano Reggiano

    Boy, that was tough…and now I’m hungry!

  39. I absolutely love goat gouda

    but my all time favorite is cambozola…a mixture of triple cream cheese & gorgonzola. mmmm

    also. if you havent tried them yet, the best cracker’s i’ve had are Trader Joe’s pita crackers!

  40. the smellier, the better!

  41. petit basque! it’s so delicious. oh i want some! (shops are shut)

  42. fresh mozzarella balls on crusty italian bread. i’m an italian girl alllll the wayyy.

  43. This is going to sound so cheesy (pun totally intended here!) but I like good ol’ swiss cheese.

    Yum Yummy!


  44. La Sauvagine – it’s an AMAZING Canadain cheese. SO good!
    Beemster is also amazing – it melts in your mouth like caramel!

  45. I miss the good cheese so much. My favorite is the really ultra ewy runny stinky munster. it’s fabulous
    I can also down some goat cheese.

  46. haha this is funny, i am french and pregnant, and there is NO rule against any cheese here while pregnant!

  47. i’m such a cheese addict. my favorites right now are goat cheese and gruyere, but i’ll definitely have to give this one a try!

  48. So even though I’m in France, and love French cheese but I think my favorite is either Manchego or Provolone! I’m such a traitor! eek!

  49. I’ve been eating so much cheese lately, every day! Soy cheese, laughing cow cheese spread, blue cheese in my salad, and swiss cheese in my sammiches. I love sharp cheddar too. Never tried that Epoisses, the smell sounds slightly frightening. haha

  50. i saw Cowgirl Creamery mentioned a couple times up there. My favorite is Red Hawk from Cowgirl Creamery. It’s a problem.

  51. I’m salivating right now…my fave is vacherin. Im obsessed but also a big fan of comte and emmental, with crackers. yum! happy cheesing!

  52. heemmaa says...

    Epoisses is something delicious! Stinky ? Yes it is, but only a little. But here in France we have cheeses that stink a lot more than this one : Maroilles, for example, which comes from the north of France.

    Epoisses has not been banned from public transportations in France (it’s a free country :)), but it has been unfairly accused of causing problems for pregnant women, because of bacterias…

    But this is contested by scientists. The reason is : these problems only happened once and the incriminate Epoisses had not been stored correctly. Now, well known scientists in France say the ban of raw cheeses during pregnancy could cause allergies for babies!

    I’m following these questions very closely now… I’m not pregnant (yet) but I think it won’t be possible for me to live without cheese during 9 months…

    If I can suggest one cheese for you girls, it would be the one called “Briat savarin”. It’s a cow milk cheese, incredibly creamy, and incredibly tasty. You have to test it next time you come here in France (But I think it’s possible to find some at Zabars, in NY… Where I found incredible and rare french cheeses… some of them hard to find even in France !)


  53. oh no
    i’m a vegan for a month :(

  54. cocoquillette says...

    Next time you are not pregnant anymore and you visit your sister in SF, you can buy it at Rainbow, it is by far my favorite cheese (and I go buy some when I miss France too much!)

  55. That is hilarious it was banned! I definitely wouldn’t want to be on public transportation with an uber stinky cheese…unless I was eating it myself, that is! My fav cheese has to be super aged gouda, or bucheron. YUM.

  56. stinky cheese – oh noes! actually, you’ve piqued my interest, and now i’d like to find me some epoisses.

  57. Anonymous says...

    Smoked gouda:)


  58. I’m a total Brie nut. Love it cold, toasted, baked with honey, etc etc. It’s the perfect cheese. The only other is Cowgirl Creamery Triple Cream from San Francisco. You can get it at the Ferry Building and it is oh so divine!

  59. I’m a huge fan of Asiago! It is a bit on the smelly side, too. Leaves an aromatic trail behind after you’ve put it back in the fridge, and leaves your breath less than fresh. But, oh how I love it!

  60. Could never pick a favorite, I’ve never met a cheese I didn’t want to eat. At this point in life my body composition is probably 50% cheese!

  61. Abbey says...

    There was a time when I was obsessed with P’tit Basque, a french sheep’s milk cheese. I still get giddy when I see it in any store, and actually Whole Foods has been selling it here and there the past year. But anyway it is very subtle, nutty, and smooth. I could eat the whole p’tit wheel!

  62. i looooove stinky cheese. i could never choose a favorite.


  63. oooo, i’ve tried this one. delish! get to a nice nearby cheese store and ask for a sample. surely they can’t resist the cravings of a lovely pregnant woman! milk it!

  64. Ooo I love all kinds of cheese! I’ve never tried this Epoisses though – to me cheese is stinkier the better, so I’m sure I’ll love it. It looks so delicious:)

  65. I just had it recently at a lovely French place in Seattle! Loved it so much I went searching for it at Whole Paycheck to no avail. Not really stinky at all – it is a fabulous cheese. I hope you try it and love it my dear!

  66. ha, margaret, my friend’s husband HATES cheese! he doesn’t even like to look at it. i’m always so fascinated by that. :)

  67. My favorite is a typical dutch cheese called Old Amsterdam, a solid, salty cheese… mmmm!
    Every year when we go on holiday to France I try different kinds of local cheeses but I stick to my dutch one!

  68. I can’t choose a favourite type of cheese. I’m from Wisconsin, when asked your favourite type of cheese you answer, “umm, all cheese?” It totally depends on my mood (and what I’m eating or drinking it with!) I could never be a vegan because of my adoration of cheese (I’m eating a cheese sandwich now!). Life without cheese seems like no cheese at all.

  69. This cheese is insanely stinky and very good.
    If temped I could eat way too much of it…

  70. Oh my Lord that looks amazing!

    My favorite cheese is definitely …anything by Cowgirl Creamery. They make the most delish cheese I’ve ever tasted!

  71. Trina Enriquez says...

    La Tur is *definitely* my favorite thus far. “The Cheese Course” columnist Janet Fletcher of the SF Chronicle says of it, “The operative word is luscious. I can think of no other cheese with a more ingratiating texture…La Tur provides the kind of sensory experience that makes tasters roll their eyes skyward and lean back in their chairs.” It is seriously that good.

  72. I love them all – every one I try. If I could only have one for the rest of my life… sharp, sharp, hurt your nose sharp cheddar… good for cheese and crackers, cheese and fruit, mac and cheese, grilled cheese…and the list goes on

  73. oh!! yes this is good!!!!
    It is difficult to choose my favorite cheese. I have a little cheese shop, not far away from home and I change very often. Right now, I think, I would go for Reblochon Or Tomme Brulée.

  74. vacherin mont d’or.
    preferably hot with potatoes and charcuterie…

  75. My favorite is Bucheron, which is not all that stinky, actually. And D’affinoise, which is. I wonder if this cheese is meant to be the French answer to Durian?

  76. peee-ewwwww. that stinky, huh? goat cheese with fresh herbs for me, oh and triple cream brie with mushrooms too. :)

  77. When I was living in Switzerland I bought a baguette and a chunk of Gruyere every single morning.

    I wish I could say I shared it….but the man who loves me will be a very understanding person. Don’t touch my cheese! ;)

  78. YUM. My husband just asked me this question last night. I love brie. But all cheese is good!

  79. Huzzah, I am a complete Cheesaholic! My fridge usually arouses a few raised eyebrows from fiends as it looks more like a Cheese Box as it has so many varieties in it, with milk and other ‘necessities’ relegated to the fridge door!

    I have craving for Brie now. A Serious Craving.

    As to other good ones, Double Gloucester and Chive or Stinking Bishop as mentioned previously.

    P.S. What cheese is made backwards?
    P.P.S. Edam!


  80. Mmm, I love it. That’s some mighty powerful cheese. Don’t you find those intersections between food and law fascinating? It really is the fabric of our culture. My favorite cheese is the very stinky Tallegio–the smell is just part of the sensation! :)

  81. now I want cheese!! Feta is my fav.. but I do love something smokey with a glass of pinot noir.

  82. I was transported to a different place and time by a plate of gorgonzola gnocchi in Cortona about ten years ago. I’ve never tasted a gorgonzola I haven’t liked since….

    That and goat cheese.
    And brie.
    And a good sharp cheddar.

  83. mmm this looks delicious. my favorite is Manchego, after studying abroad in Spain, it brings back good memories! :)

  84. this looks delicious!!!!!

  85. Oh cheese, how I love thee and yet your hurt me time and time again. When will I learn to stick with the cheese that treats me best. Moo cheese I think I’m going to have to leave you for Baahh cheese….Goat cheese!!! Any kind! You are my truest love. From time to time I must rendevous with Almond Cheese on Gluten Free pizza…but for my sensitive tummy, goat, aged, fresh or amidst mid-life crisis, I do love you.

  86. Oh my goodness I’m crying reading all these hilarious comments, “goat cheese – I’d marry it” the french call it the “smell of gods feet”

    These are great Joanna, so awesome!

    Cheers :)

  87. Just checked…couldn’t let this one go by. Urban legend. The cheesemakers probably promote this to attract more stinky cheese love.:)

    Also the idea that any French person would bow down to some sort of “ban” on public transport is a hoot.:) Thanks though. For zee laugh.

    Oh & Edel de Cleron is lovely.


  88. La Sauvagine is made in Quebec and is my all time favorite – creamy with a strong, but not over powering taste, and a fantastic finish!

  89. epoisses is fantastic. when you’re not pregnant/nursing try the unpasteurized version. unpasteurized cheeses kick some serious pasteurized cheese ass. but you’re french, so you probably already know that. ;)

    lately, i’ve been really into portuguese cheeses. it’s pretty rare, but try to get ahold of some azeitao.


    you will die.

    i’ll also never get sick of sottocenere.


  90. I love emmental, Appenzeller and of course Mozarella is a crowd-pleaser :)

    I like my cheese milky, salty and … well, simple. Nothing too fancy like manchego or blue cheese!

  91. this story is hillarious! I don’t have a favorite cheese, what kind of question is that! lol it’s like asking what my favorite flavor of ice cream is!? haha!

    Cute post!

  92. I love this stinky cheese! Valencay, mozzarella di bufala, pecorino, cabot clothbound cheddar, bayley hazen blue, comte le fort, and any triple creme make me a happy girl!

  93. brie will always be my fave – especially baked in phyllo dough – so amazingly decadent!

    but tellagio is also amazing – especially with thin slices of pear!

  94. karen k, if you want to try more cheeses, but don’t always love the pungent flavors, you could always try to put a little quince paste or fig jam on the cheese, which is delicious and will temper the overall flavor a bit! :)

  95. Epoisses, Fourme d’Ambert, Bleu d’Auvergne, Taleggio, & on & on. I’m laughing, though, because good luck to the authorities about banning it. It’s one of the most popular cheeses in France. I’m sitting across from a French friend (originally from Lyon) who is hooting at the very idea.

    She wondered if it’s Sarko’s idea. Probably. The idiot even gave up chocolate.

  96. goat cheese with honey drizzled over it :)

  97. haha, amanda, how scandalous of you! :)

  98. the stinkier, the better so i’d be all about this cheese! visiting cheese stops with my dad is one of my favorite childhood memories.

  99. Sounds good! The stinkier the better, no?

  100. When it comes to cheese, I think, the stinkier the better!!

  101. I’ve just had a flashback to a flight I took recently. My other half had packed our sandwiches and packed brie and turkey sandwiches. They absolutely HONKED and we didn’t realise until we opened the ziploc. Too late. We stank the whole plane out.

  102. It’s so hard to pick a favourite cheese, but I do especially love applewood smoked cheddar, boursin (especially with a granny smith apple) and oh who am I kidding, if you say “cheese,” I’m so with you. :)

    My boyfriend and I ate and drank our way through Paris. It was pretty much an “all cheese” diet for 2 weeks. It was hard to return to Canada and eat vegetables again!

  103. MIne is Gorgonzola. Cheers from Mexico.

  104. My husband and I love cheese!

    They have some awesome varieties at Trader Joe’s …. would recommend Porrano (it’s a mild, nuttier flavored white cheese), their Swiss beer fondue cheese, and the aged Gruyere — to die for delicious!

  105. Oh how I wish I loved more cheeses! I just love having wine and cheese parties, this is something I’m just going to have to get over! :)

  106. I’m a cheddar girl myself. A common one, but a goodie nonetheless!

  107. The idea of a cheese being banned is just hilarious to me! I can only imagine the situation in which a police officer or something of the sort was like “Sir, I’m sorry you’re going to have to take that cheese elsewhere. You’re distracting the driver.”

  108. I LOVE cheese. All kinds. I am obsessed with Laughing Cow though :)

  109. I’m addicted to cheese. Brie & Mozzarella. Omg So good!! And those lil baby belle cheeses. LOVE IT!!!

  110. Lisaaaa says...

    My absolute favourite cheeses are gouda, St. Andre (it’s like butter!) and Applewood smoked cheddar. Yummers

  111. Brie or Fontina cheese, if I had to choose…

  112. Poppy K says...

    Ugh – my dad LOVES epoisses and it totally stinks up his fridge! As for me, give me a nice aged cheddar or a creamy brie – I have simple tastes!

    Rosey Goat is my favorite right now…it’s a firm goat cheese with rosemary on the outside. YUM! It’s addicting!

  114. emily says...

    Yay!!! a CHEESE topic! I love cheese. Too much. When I visit my grandparents in the Basque region of France, I bring a BACKPACK full of cheese to London. So good and so much cheaper! My 2 favorites are: Ossau Iraty (mild, nutty, delicious) and Comte. You can get both in NYC!

  115. now that’s a stinky cheese! i love nearly all cheeses…but i am a sucker for goat cheese, yum!! ooh or marscapone…mmm

    now i’m craving cheese..haha!

  116. omg… dorothy’s comment cracks me up! :) And I LOVE cheese … right now, I’d say my favorite is just fresh mozzarella. (now I may have to have pizza for lunch…)

  117. I love goat cheese so much that I’d marry it. Much love!

  118. currently obsessed with: tome de savoie
    previously obsessed with: beaufort

  119. Goat cheese! Roquefort! Cantal! Comté! Cheddar!
    Well, wait…
    I love them all!

  120. DeeDee says...

    Taleggio, a soft, only slightly smelly Italian cheese is my absolute favourite. I worked at an Italian deli during university and had an amazing boss who insisted his staff sample everything. It’s where I developed my love of bresaola, parmigiano, giardinera, artichokes and of course, cheese!

  121. Epoisses is amazing and wonderful. When I was in France this winter, I bought a big wheel of it and secretly spread it on baguettes and took it with me on the train. It made me feel like a French outlaw!

  122. hi joanna! congratulations on your baby boy!! can’t wait to hear what you decide to name him. :)

    i love BRIE!

  123. I have heard some French people say that this is what “God’s feet” smells like. Epoisses is definitely the smelliest cheese out there; if you don’t think so, you haven’t let it ripen enough! The French leave it out for a few DAYS before they eat it. It’s really delicious with walnut/raisin bread. The combo of salty and sweet is fantastic. Absolutely my favorite cheese (can you tell?).

  124. oh my god.
    i’ve been steering well clear of ALL runny cheeses pasteurised or not.
    I guess i’m going via the food hall tonight.
    what an idiot!!!

  125. Oh man this looks tasty… gooey and stinky the best combo. I don’t think I have a favorite I am a cheese plate assortment type of gal.


    S.S. Dobbs

  126. maggie says...

    a good old cheddar!

  127. ahh, of course! thank goodness. that would suck.

  128. I am seriously dying laughing right now that the first thing I saw on the internets this morning was a giant hunk of cheese…It’s almost like you know me, haha…Anyway fave cheese? Manchego or some sort of runny stinky situation, this looks right up my alley

  129. oh, thankfully, you can have cheese during pregnancy — just not unpasteurized cheese that’s aged than than 6 weeks. so i could have the pasteurized version of this one, luckily! :)

  130. Ooh, I’ve had epoisses before. Wasn’t actually that bad. Camembert is far worse.

    Stinking Bishop is an amazing UK cheese that scores extremely highly on the stink factor.

    No cheese would be the hardest thing about pregnancy for me!

  131. but surely you can’t right now anyway, you have a little wait!