1. Anonymous says...

    I would like to put up a link Vimax to this post from various blogs. I would be thankful if you could tell me if I can do it freely without offending any of the moderators. If you dont mind, I would have no problem pasting the web sites in question. Have a great evening!

  2. Spooky..I’m a long time reader of your blog and I’m a Dorset girl born and bred, with family now living in Sherborne no less!

  3. Anonymous says...

    In the second pic your cousin looks incredibly like you.


  4. oh my gosh!! my husband and i eat avocado + muenster toast for dinner A LOT!!!!

  5. Oh, a SILVERCROSS! Wow, these are the sort of prams that can be passed down for generations! But, of course, not really suitable for NY…

    Lovely photos; the good part about a bad week is that the next one will be better. (I hope) (let’s hope) (I hope I’m not jinxing it!) (I’m bitting my nails now).

    Dorset is the perfect place in the world to live, among a few others… I loved it.

  6. That first picture cracks me up – I love it!!!

    And Sherborne Abbey, wow . . . be still my beating heart!

  7. My Mum has an old pram like that, and when she babysits she takes my wee boy for a stroll round the block in it….so cute!

  8. My mum used a vintage pram and said it was rather cumbersome to manoeuvre. I’ve seen some lovely ones at auctions and ebay and I think I’ll turn against my better judgement when the time comes because they’re just too beautiful. I know a friend who used a vintage pram as a bassinet, which I think is brilliant.
    Does your cousin Livvy use this pram day-to-day, or was it for the special occasion? If this is the pram she primarily uses, I wonder if she could review its ease-of-use for us?

  9. Anonymous says...

    I am currently pregnant with my first child and I would love to read some insights on what is life after your baby is born. Everyone says it’s hard and so tiring… and it scares me so much!
    I don’t have any close friends with newborns around me (I just moved from Paris to North America) and I would love some friendly, real experiences!

    Thank you for sharing!

  10. Love this idea of early parenthood stories, Joanna!

  11. Is that a Silvercross?
    Looking forward to more day to day posts :)

  12. YAY! i cant wait for the new posts! and i love this so cute and amazing backgrounds in each picture, much love.x

  13. I also wanted to join in with the “what a beautiful pram!” comments, and to follow up- are these available in the states? Where can I get one?

  14. My, oh, my… I’m six years into parenthood, and have eaten more avocado toast than you can imagine!

    I just posted a bit about my daily life as a parent, in case you want to check it out:


    I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about your new parenting life, because I know you’ll be sweet, funny and real!

  15. on the toast a bit of blackpepper on the avocado and cheese any kind on top is amazing my Dad ,loved it when we lived in Australia it was only when I was older living back in the bitter cold Ireland that I apprecaited just how good it is. Still a fav now I live in beautiful edinburgh!! I love the blog. xx

  16. Hi Joanna, your cousin’s pram is so stylish! We are not going to christen our little bub, but I can’t wait to get our English family together for a naming ceremony. Looking forward to reading about your experiences as new parents. Bon weekend! xx

  17. Anonymous says...

    Looks like a Silvercross pram.
    I have a much more modest version and tourists keep asking to take a picture of it!
    Now I´m saving it for my grandchildren.

  18. That second picture is so rad and looks awesomely retro! The shoes, the dress, the pram… Like something straight out of the sixties.

  19. That church is glorious! And the PRAM!!! OMG, I want to ride in it.

  20. Love the pram! And love the name Bo. How cool. Can’t wait for your stories Joanna. Avocado toasts:-D That’s hilarious. It’s so important for us women to be honest with each other about relationships and motherhood. It’s wonderful, but its not always glamorous – and that’s part of the charm.

    Hope the next week will be better for all of you.


  21. that pram is goooorgeous.

  22. That pram is awesome! Can’t wait for your posts next week. So funny that since I got pregnant and haven’t been into cooking we’ve eaten A LOT of avocado toast for dinner as well. But it is pretty delicious…

  23. The pram is amazing- where is it from? Enjoy your weekend recovering with your sweet boy. Oh, and welcome to motherhood:) You will have MANY more weeks like this ahead but they make it SO worth it!

  24. Looking forward to reading about your experiences!

  25. she is adorable!

  26. pws says...

    Wow, what an awesome pram!

    Can’t wait to read about your experiences with Toby :). I’m coming up on the tail end of my first trimester (can’t come soon enough) and I’ve been totally fascinated reading other people’s first time parent stories!

  27. I can’t wait for your series next week, joanna!

    And your cousin is adorable! :)

  28. Haha aww the first photo is cute!! Congrats to your cousin too!! =)

  29. Joanna, you should definitely drive through England! My husband and I did it (and Scotland) for our honeymoon and it was amazing.

    Bo is an awesome name. Hopefully she won’t braid her hair into cornrows and wear a red swimsuit ever – the jokes that will insue.

  30. that pram is so fabulous. my cousin in italy has a similar one. why do you think they have luxurious, stylish prams in europe and we have sporty bugaboos here? i’d probably still go with a sportier one and tell myself i’d go running with it, but the contrast is interesting.

  31. Looking forward to upcoming day to day posts! :-)

  32. Oh my goodness, that pram is nothing short of fabulous!! I hope when the time comes to be pushing my little babes around in one just like it.
    Can’t wait for next week’s parenting series, so excited!

  33. My niece is named the same thing! She’s now a beautiful & hilarious little four year old and the name couldn’t be more fitting for her. I just love that name for a girl.

  34. The 2nd picture is BEAUTIFUL (all caps needed)(and the 1st one very cute)xx happy friday :)

  35. no way, sarah! dorset is so lovely with its rolling hills. i’ve never been to norwich, but i’d love to take a road trip all around england someday.

  36. I can’t wait to read all about it! Hope Toby and rest of the family is feeling better. xoxo

  37. So adorable….and it is very special to share an event like this!

    I have a Luxurious New Giveaway on my site….Come and enter!!

    Art by Karena

  38. Joanna,

    That is so funny. I have a British cousin that is from Dorset too! She lives in Norwich now, but I wanted to share. We’re 2 years apart and I’d love to go share a pregnancy experience with her.

  39. I love a great pram! I am looking forward to reading your day-to-days with Baby T.

  40. wowza – that is one heck of a pram!

  41. Absolutely lovely pram! I share in everyones thoughts that I look forward to hearing a bit more about your experiences next week :)


  42. Very cute photos and that pram is beautiful! Sorry, you didnt have a good week. I hope that you all will get better over the weekend..(drink a lot of tea with honey!)…I am really looking forward to your posts next week. It will be fun to read about all the laughts and the cries…Hugs and have a relaxing weekend

  43. dean, that’s awesome about the rug! we love it. it sheds a bit at first but if you vacuum it a few times, it’s not a bit deal.

  44. Oh I am SO looking forward to your posts next weeks. I honestly think the internet was invented so parents wouldn’t feel so alone in the world. I hope the weekend is better. Sick kiddos and being sniffly yourself is no fun at all.

  45. Joanna, what is Bo short for?? that is such a cute name for a little gal.

    also, I just scored the same PB rug that Jenny got for you– eek! I’m so psyched, I’ve had my eye on it forevs…are you still liking yours?

    feel better and have a lovely weekend!
    xoxo – dean

  46. Love those pics – that first one is too cute!!

    Would love to hear the day-to-day of life with Toby….which will hopefully include Toby pics – I never tire of those!! :)