1. Love this — the photo’s are darned cute, but your story to go along with it — perfection! :)

  2. so cute!

  3. He’s changing so much already! Just adorable! I’m sure you’re enjoying every minute!

  4. Unbelieveably adorable and fetching in the purest sense!

  5. He is so absolutely adorable! I love your blog Joanna. Very inspirational!

  6. What a riot! This kid is adorable. Lucky you!

  7. aw, beki, would have loved to meet you!!! and no worries everyone, the murray’s cheese website is virus free now! xoxo

  8. he is precious. I want one of these for my husband =)

  9. hilarious. and toby is adorable!

  10. kimbrali says...

    are you aware of how absolutely adorable your son is? i mean i know its just a nice and polite thing to say… “oh your baby is so cute. your baby is so pretty” BUT he really is just so perfect. everything is so dainty and perfect and beautiful on his little happy face.

  11. so adorable!

  12. this kills me. too funny. he’s getting so big already!

  13. That adorable little face just brightened my day!!!


  14. I love the t-shirt, but when I went onto you link to the shop, my computer warned me, that the website is trying to install programs and viruses onto your computer…. no good :(

  15. Oh!! His little smile just melts my heart!

  16. hehehe, so adorable!

    glad he can take a joke ;)
    it becomes more and more important to keep humor about you as you grow up

  17. love how his face is rounding out and his darkening eyebrows. CUTENESS.

  18. he is soooooo funny.

    what a cute little man.

  19. Ah he’s a sweet little fella! ;D

  20. Anonymous says...

    Ah, forgot to write – very cute photos!!!

  21. Anonymous says...

    My Firefox browser prevents me of going to the cheese shop website, with the warning: “Reported attack page”.

    This is something the owner of the shop website should take care about instantly instead of letting people get viruses by going to their page.

  22. aaaand that’s adorable.

  23. Clearly it appeals to his sense of irony.

    xo Erica

  24. oh my goodness. love that last giggling picture :)

  25. oh my!!
    so very cute love this post and he is so grown up now, cant wait for the birth story, yay!
    much love.x

  26. those babies make even stinky seem cute! the shirt also reminded me of my fav phrase in college “stinky cheese”, just my polite way of saying what others may have their own choice words for.

    toby has a great smile!

    please stop by my blog and enter the envirosax giveaway. http://www.littlecitizensoftheworld.blogspot.com

  27. Hello Joanna, just a quick word to tell you there’s something wrong with the Cheese Shop website right now, as it gave my computer a virus which takes the form of loud voices claiming the benefits of shaving creams amongst other things(everything’s under control now, nothing to worry about!). I just thought it could be useful for the other readers to know that!


  28. hehehe love this!

  29. PJ says...

    Your blog is the first of a few that I check daily and now that your beloved son is here I get more excited to see his adorable face. As a mother of two under four you give me much inspiration as I begin to onramp back into to the professional world. Keep up the good work, I know that I speak for more than a few when I say we need it as much as we love it. Thanks for sharing. Again, Toby is the cutest baby in blogland!!

  30. love it! what a cutie patootie!

  31. I’m not usually a baby person, but Toby is absolutely adorable!! It kind of makes me think about having a baby…maybe. :)

  32. Oh my goodness, he is just adorable!

    I especially like how you set the punchline up!


  33. what an adorable shirt!

    he is well on his way to becoming a stinky cheese lover like his mom :)

  34. Your baby boy is adorable!!!!! Congratulations on having such a cute and healthy baby!!!!



  35. how cute is this teeny man?

  36. Oh my goodness, PRECIOUS!

  37. hilarious!

  38. Such a cute shirt! And you’ve got to love his smile.

    Oh and it seems the link you have to the cheese shop is a harmful site, it’s blocked by chrome. Thought you might like to know.

  39. oh my goodness, he is getting so big!! i love his shirt too.

  40. This makes me die I love it so much. Best expressions ever!

  41. He is adorable and I love the tee!

    I saw you last week at the Martha party and wanted to introduce myself, but couldn’t get to you. You look amazing!

  42. Perfect comedic timing! I love Toby posts :)

  43. this couldn’t be cuter…perhaps someone has already said this, but surely it must be followed up by a galloping rendition of (perhaps a very short one, as he is rather young) The Stinky Cheese Man. Maybe just a line or two, to start with; he obviously has a magnificent sense of humor.

  44. This is precious. And you are clever :)

  45. Haha, awww! He’s already changed so much! xo

  46. Adorable!

  47. What a lovey! Looks like one happy bumba! Hope all is well in your adventures of first time motherhood! XOXOX Robyn with Lansinoh

  48. wow, babies grow and change so much in so little time! he is soooo cute! I hope you’re getting more sleep time! mine started to almost sleep through the night. Best wishes and enjoy every second!

  49. awww he has changed so much in so little time!
    i would assume this was not the first time you capture him smiling Joanna? he is so adorable!


  50. haha – i love it.

  51. He has grown so fast! He is such a beautiful baby. I love when you post pictures. Thanks for spreading the love. You make mommyhood look amazing :0)

  52. Cutest thing ever!! This makes me want to have babies so bad. I love playing with cute babies like this.

  53. Looks like he is getting some chubby arms. Love chewing on the baby fat. He is a cutie.

  54. This made me smile. I just ate a plate of cheese for lunch, so I completely agree with his thoughts!

  55. LOL! This made me laugh out loud! Toby is just adorable :)

  56. Love it – so funny! And, he’s adorable!

  57. Best post ever! I’m sure I’ve said this before, but boy is he a beautiful baby!


  58. that is so stinkin’ cute i can’t stand it!!!

  59. Kerry says...

    Sweet! Tell me, was Toby kicking his feet as he was laughing? I love those full body baby laughs!

  60. So sweet! That’s some fantastic light you caught, too.

  61. That little guy is a good sport! (Stinky, indeed.)

  62. Anonymous says...

    Be careful…I ended up nicknaming my daughter stinky and it stuck, even 7 years later! (although she’s not stinky now) Have to retrain myself to call her something else.


  63. Hahaha!Your baby is the cutest Joanna! Congrats!
    My sister is having her second boy next month, can’t wait for those baby smiles :)

  64. I love your sense of humor! And it’s clear that Toby does too…the cutest little stinker around!! :-))

  65. OMG i die over him every time!! we need a “stinky” t-shirt for our dog lol!

  66. megan says...

    He looks like Alex!

  67. I know this is going to sound funny – but he’s getting so big!! And changing so fast – what a CUTIE!!! He just melts hearts.

    The shirt is priceless.

  68. haha so cute!

  69. he’s getting so big! what a precious little gent!

  70. Too cute!!!

  71. Aw, how clever and cute!

  72. Love it! I want to buy one and save it for the day when I have kids.

    I wanted to see if you have any tips for a freelance writer, who is really starting (and trying) to get her ideas out there. I definitely look up to you. Thank you, Valerie

    My most recent posting is about Mod-wear and one of my favorite old-time flicks, Two for the Road.


  73. way too cute!

  74. These pics of Toby make my ovaries ache!!! TOOOOO cute!
    xo tash

  75. Big smile on my face now too. What a great sense of humor Toby already has! I like the onesie that has a picture of Earth and says “I’m new here” – I buy it for every babyshower I go to.

  76. Anonymous says...

    toooooo cute!! :)

  77. This actually made me laugh out loud (embarrassingly) at the coffee shop where I posting up today!

  78. oh. my. gosh. he is amazingly cute! what a great face, full of expression:)

  79. Glenda says...

    your babe is adorable. he’s getting big fast… xx

  80. haha, cape, i wish! they just have them for little dudes. :)

  81. Oh. My. Goodness. He is just precious!
    Teresa (Splendid Sass)

  82. Oh my goodness, that’s too precious! I’m having so much fun (as I’m sure you are) watching him grow!


  83. He is so adorable! Look at those eyebrows!

  84. M. says...

    he is super cute, already stylish!!!! :)

  85. That smile! Oh, he is just too cute!

  86. So cute!! A charmer.

  87. hahahah…that is so cool! At first he does’t look happy and then….he cracks up a the best smile ever….Awww…He is so beautiful:)


  88. Oh my goodness! His smile melts my heart!!

  89. do they have adult sizes, because unfortunately my boyfriend needs a shirt like that. it’s only fair to warn people. lol.

  90. That is SO adorable!! Toby’s smile melts my heart :)

  91. He is too cute!! Love that shirt! awww he’s adorable when he smiles!