1. Samantha says...

    your anniversary is my birthday! a great day in my opinion. :)

  2. Oh my gosh…that is adorable. Congratulations on your anniversary!

    I’m in my friend’s bridal party this weekend…so thrilled to be part of her big day, too!

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  3. Aww…what a beautiful photo! Congrats on one year…wow I cant believe its been one year I remember when you posted what dress you wanted to wear!

  4. Oh my goodness! Your wedding is when I found your blog! Congratulations I can’t believe it has been a year!

  5. thanks for these adorable comments! xoxo

  6. This is such a beautiful post. Congratulations.

  7. Happy anniversary! This picture (and the people in it) is absolutely stunning!!

  8. Aww happy anniversary Joanna and Alex! I just realized I got engaged on your anniversary (in Hawaii this past weekend!!) I think I’m still in disbelief that it really happened. What a great day!

  9. This picture is so precious. True wonderful feelings!

  10. This picture is so precious. True wonderful feelings!

  11. What a fabulous year this has been for you two…
    Wishing you many many happy more!

  12. This is amazing. Lucky you! :)

  13. Congratulations! This is a wonderful, wonderful post, Jo. It shows the dynamics of your wonderful relationship. It’s wonderful (if you didn’t catch that yet).

  14. thanks for these incredibly sweet comments. i am so touched. :)

  15. That photo is really sweet, it says so much! Congratulations!!!

  16. Ro says...

    ¡Feliz aniversario!
    Happy Anniversary!
    Besos from Spain

  17. You got married on my birthday!! Sweet!! Happy Anniversary! That is such a precious picture!!

  18. a honeymoon baby!! that is so sweet!! you and alex are adorable. congrats on 1 year + 1 day from Switzerland!!

  19. What a beautiful photo!! Congrats! :)

  20. this is the sweetest picture. happy anniversary. hey, i think we’re going to be neighbors soon. i got on a place on bleecker and 11th.

    if i see you i may say hi but i hope it’s not totally stalkerish.

  21. Happy Anniversary and wishing you many more wonderful years.

  22. Happy Anniversary!!!! May the blessings continue!

  23. so cute happy anniversary xxxxxx

  24. The picture is amazing! Happy anniversary! I love seeing that true love never subsides being passionate!

  25. Oh my goodness, Joanna – has it been this long? Congratulations to you and Alex!!! And here’s to the gift you received from heaven while you’re on Honeymoon!!!


  26. oh my gosh! I cannot believe it’s been a year! (and I’m sure you cannot either). thank you so much for sharing your adventures with us… they give renewed faith for my own happiness sometimes :o)

  27. what a precious shot!

  28. What a great moment he captured!
    Happy Anniversary!

  29. wishing you many more happy years. love gets sweeter.

  30. Anonymous says...

    Be gentle and understanding with one another. You have something (an someone) to cherish.

  31. aww, so sweet! it seems like just yesterday you two lovebirds got married! and a minute ago, then, that you had Toby! haha :) happy anniversary and I hope you and Alex can steal some time away to celebrate the joyful completion of one year of married life together!

  32. Congratulations Joanna and Alex! I hope you two have many, many years of happiness ahead! :)

  33. It was just recently my one year too! Doesn’t it go by so fast?

    Congrats to you two!

  34. I also shared my one year!!

  35. Happy anniversary Joanna and Alex!

  36. Happy Anniversary! What an absolutely amazing photo!

  37. I can’t believe it’s been a year already! Congratulations!!! <3

  38. i love this – i didn’t know you had a honeymoon baby! that’s the best kind.

  39. Anonymous says...

    Your photo just made me tear up! Congratulations.

  40. happy anniversary! this photo just makes my heart skip.:)

  41. Happy Anniversary and congrats! Thank you for letting us get a glimpse into your world and share your favorite moments.

  42. happy happy! hope you have a wonderful day with both your boys!


  43. Beautiful pictures! Congratulations for having the best life ever :)

  44. Congratulations Joanna! It seems like just yesterday that I was reading about your wedding dress descisions – the time has just wizzed by. You, Alex and Toby are the cutest family ever! m.v.b xxx

  45. what a great, emotional photo, it makes me get all mushy inside. and what a crazy, exciting year for the two of you! best wishes for many more to come :)

  46. ….Congratulations!!!This photo is so beautiful…a happy instant in the air!!I wish you the best!!!

  47. Just beautiful. It’s been such a joy getting to read about the exciting things in your life over the last couple year. So many things! Such a lovely tribute to your fabulous hubby. All the best to you two!

  48. life is so wonderful. happy anniversary! enjoy it with BOTH your boys! :)

  49. Happy Anniversary and thanks for sharing this lovely blog with us! Cheers!

  50. Happy Anniversary!
    Gorgeous picture!!


  51. Happy Anniversary!
    Gorgeous picture!!


  52. Congrats on you anniversary. I hope you two enjoyed the day!

  53. Congratulations on such an exciting first year!

    And by the way, your hairpiece is lovely in that picture.

  54. holy moly! one day picking out your wedding dress and the next burpin a baby boy. My my how time flies. happy anniversary joanna and alex!!!

  55. What a precious moment captured forever! Happy First Anniversary & Cheers to many, many more~