A stuffed goose

A big thank you to Alex for surprising me with an early Christmas present last night — the little goose I had loved from my gift guides! I had been talking about it non-stop, and since it was “so cute, it hurt,” Alex brought it home yesterday. Welcome to the family, little goose! We love your striped feet!
P.S. His new home on the bookcase.

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  2. you both looks so nice at this picture

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  4. That is so cute and makes me remind a little chicken that I had when I was a kid and that I lost near to the park I miss him a lot.Buy Viagra Generic Viagra

  5. sya says...

    too cute! makes me wanna sew one on my own! *arrghh*

  6. what a sweet gift, i love those striped feet too :)

  7. I read this post several days ago and thought, “I bet she is pregnant!” And then today I open my Google Reader to find out that I am right! Congratulations! But your goose totally gave you away!

  8. adorable! + such a fun gift! the striped feet are wonderful

    hope you’re having a lovely weekend, joanna! xo

  9. Love these photos! The three of you are all adorable!

  10. joanna, i love this post.
    and an A+ to alex! :)

  11. His little feet are perfect!

  12. I love your early Christmas present.

  13. Anonymous says...

    I’m happy I made you happy. Spielberg! are you kidding?? Who are you asking -children? the elderly? Your friends have strange ideas.

    Robert Shaw hmmm are you going to grow the moustache? Now if you looked like Don Draper you could dine out every night!!

    I have only been compared to Julia Roberts, I’m happy with that, although it doesn’t happen as often as I’d like…

    Katie (yes it’s still snowing in England)

    oh and MERRY CHRISTMAS to you both!

  14. oooh what a sweet boy you have!

  15. so cute! hooray for holiday gifts! :)

  16. you guys are so sweet! love the photos. :)

  17. Anonymous says...


  18. You and the goose are already twins! I hope your sister approves. ;-)

    You and Alex seem so lovely, happy, and head-over-heels in love. Happy Holidays to you both!

  19. I know i’m one of your billion followers, but I think you are just lovely. so sweet.

    jo gives me such joy!


  20. cute duck! love your gap top (I have the same one).

  21. you’re so adorable with your matching stripes!

    aren’t early christmas presents the best?

  22. Your new goose is very happy you’re not having a turgooken for dinner tomorrow. If there were such an entree, of course ;)

  23. oh, so glad he has a good home! i’ve been thinking about him since you posted… he’s just adorable. i might adopt his twin to come live here in seattle. pam

  24. That’s so adorable! The new home is adorable too.

  25. Anonymous says...

    LOL, i think seth rogan is cute!

  26. What a wonderful (and appropriate gift). We do an anonymous 12 days of Christmas every year and last night was 6 geese a-laying. We left candy filled eggs but your goose would have been much cuter!

  27. Alex says...

    PS–Funny about the “Jaws-era Richard Dreyfuss” comment. I can live with that. Oddly enough, my looks have also been compared to Jaws director Steven Spielberg not once but twice in recent months. Now if only someone would compare me to Robert Shaw (Jaws-era Robert Shaw is fine, although I’d prefer “From Russia With Love” era, see link).

    That’s one I could actually dine out on:)


  28. I look nothing like Seth Rogan, I pray says...

    “Anyone who says Alex looks like Seth Rogen is completely blind.”

    Cheers to you, Katie. You just made my holiday season–Alex

  29. Soooo cute! He looks like a little cartoon.

  30. oh man, his feet are Precious!

  31. Pretty darned adorable – you, Alex & the goose!!

  32. oh so sweet. and just goes to prove that you’re never too old for another little stuffer x

  33. Ahhhhhhh! Toooooo cute! You, the wittle goose + your hubby for bringing him home! This just made my morning. :)

  34. I just had to say, you (and your goose) are completely adorable.

  35. Leanne says...

    I was given the duck brother of this goose at my baby shower last week! He also has stripy legs (long and dangly) and sits on my book shelf too…until the baby comes x

  36. Oh gosh, you two are so cute that it HURTS!!

  37. oh gosh you two are just incredibly adorable! how sweet. love the duck.

  38. Anonymous says...

    Anyone who says Alex looks like Seth Rogen is completely blind, personally having seen all your wedding pics ( amazing they were too!) I think Alex is very handsome, what a cute face! I agree with the Jaws comment, and me and my mum think you have a very pretty smile, you’re pure hollywood with those red lips.

    Katie-England (and enjoying the snow!)

    Ps. PLease pray for me that I can also find a thoughtful, handsome , intelligent man to marry one day! Maybe I should move to the USA? x

  39. That is so cute!!! What a thoughtful gesture. That’s the the best kind of surprise!

  40. omg, lauryn, i didn’t even think of that, haha! so funny.

  41. he’s adorable AND he matches your sweater. perfect!

  42. aw, that little goose is soo cute! i might have to get one. :)

  43. AW that is SO sweet! YAY ^_^ What an awesome hubby!

  44. kinda ironic that its next to lolita joanna! :-) He might feel more comfortable somewhere else.

  45. hehe. Those feet! Hope you have a great weekend, Joanna!

  46. How sweet! I remember you saying that he is much older than you but I honestly can’t figure out how old he is. He looks young.

  47. you two are cutest ever! you both have the most genuine smiles!

  48. Ohmigosh his little striped feet match your top – the two of you were destined to be together! What an adorable gift!! :)

  49. What a sweet hubby! I’m sure your goose will have a happy life on the bookshelf next to Lolita :)

  50. How sweet of Alex!

    Joanna- I love your french style stripy top :o) lovely to see pictures of you on here for a change :o)

  51. So cute! A great addition to the family. Does he have a name?

  52. SK says...

    Soooo cute!

    Cutest husband and wife duo ever!

  53. haha!! that is ADORABLE! I love the striped feet.

  54. seriously cute. i like how you coordinate with your new goose ;)

  55. if only all men picked up on such hints. :)

    welcome home little goose!

  56. How cute!! I love little things like that too :)

  57. I love it. I have a penguin who kind of looks like your goose. It is amazing how he cheers me up!

  58. Very cute- love his new home too :)

  59. haha, you guys are so cute! erin, that’s so funny that alex reminds you of a jaw-era richard dreyfuss — i’ve never heard that one before. he sometimes gets a young alex baldwin…or seth rogan!

  60. I didn’t know that, Joanna, thanks for the info. I’m going to look Gentl & Hyers up right now…

  61. ohhhh, i love love love him and his cute little striped feet too! well done alex for picking up on that little ‘hint’!

  62. BAH!!! he’s so cute! my nickname for our dog is “goose,” so now i want one, too!!!

  63. Oh Alex, you are good! Great Etsy article yesterday. Love the goosey goose and his home next to the oxfords. Lucky Joanna:)

  64. you look just as cute as the goose in those pictures

  65. I’m concerned about that goose so near poor Lolita.

  66. gosh Alex seriously reminds me of a Jaws-era Richard Dreyfuss. Cute goose! :)

  67. Love it!

    Lucas surprised me with a pink tennis racket so he can teach me how to play! I love early Christmas presents.

  68. All three of you are adorable!

  69. The little goose is such a cutie! And it looks like he likes his new home. ;)
    XO Piper

  70. one of my favorite posts ever! you are so gorgeous and alex is so cute- you guys are the best couple ever!! xoxo

  71. yes, that’s my fave cover, sarah! do you know it was taken by gentl & hyers? they do a bunch of beautiful work now for martha stewart, oprah, etc….

  72. It is so sweet!
    The gift itself (so thoughtful of Alex!) and the little goose!
    Merry Christmas!

  73. thank you!! and my top is from the Gap. xoxo

  74. That’s so sweet, Joanna! Also, I have the same copy of Lolita…don’t you love the cover?!

  75. adorable!

    also, i love that he matches your top.

    (from whence came your top? dig the stripes.)


  76. It’s so cute how your sweater matches his feet!

  77. that is the sweetest little goose and such cute photos!