Belly Shots

This weekend, Alex and I took a few belly shots at a picnic with friends. At 8.5 months, I’m feeling ready to POP! We’re so excited, and Alex has been my hero during this whole pregnancy–cooking pastas and burgers for dinner, massaging my lower back every night, telling me I look beautiful on those days when I’m swollen and bloated and highly doubting it, practicing guitar so he can teach the baby, and being incredibly understanding every step (and bump) of the way. Most baby books bizarrely treat dads like they’re babies themselves (giving them only the most basic tips and comparing everything to baseball, groan), but Alex has been such an insightful, gentle, funny, loving partner. A huge, huge thank you, Alexei, and a hat tip to all you dads and dads-to-be out there! xoxo

(Thanks for taking the photos, Abbey:)

  1. Kind of amazing to see those now isn’t it?

  2. Joanna — you are just so lovely. these photos make me smile. thanks for sharing with us. ;)

  3. So exciting! And sweet photos

  4. You look great! And hurray for caring/awesome husbands. I have one of those too. I couldn’t have managed my pregnancies without him.

  5. You’re so beautiful! These pictures of you two are so cute!! Congrats! ♥

  6. Those photos are just BEGGING to be blown up on a wall! You look amazing. Congratulations and best of luck!!!

  7. you two are such a sweet couple. love the shot of him sticking his belly out too. A-dorable!

  8. OJ says...

    Jo, you look lovely, I’m just catching up on your blogs as I’ve been busy having a baby!! we just had our miracle last Tuesday and brought baby home on Saturday and I’m in parental bliss!

  9. thats so awesome! great pics!

  10. I’m sure Alex is wonderful, but anyways you DO look beautiful. Really.

  11. I’m six months this friday – aah its sooo exciting! My hubby Ben has been uber supportive and helpful – like you said the pregnancy books make men sound totally out of touch! Thank the heavens we found two good ‘uns! :)

  12. ahhhh…you are just beautiful!

  13. woohoo the time is drawing near:)

    nice bump!

  14. Wow you’re like the tiniest baby bump holder! :)

    Looking awesome Jo!


  15. Amanda B. says...

    You look wonderful Joanna, and I’m so glad (and slightly jealous) that you’ve found a loving and helpful partner to raise your family with. :)


  16. Gorgous pics! You guys are super cute. I’ve been so enjoying your belly shots, I’m 23 weeks and it’s great to glimpse into the future. You look amazing, can’t wait to hear about the rest of the journey.

    Oh, and yes, fathers are equal partners and capable of so much more than they are given credit for. I couldn’t function right now without mine! We’re in this thing together, right?

  17. you look beautiful jo!

    i’m so happy and excited for you and alex!

  18. these comments are so, so sweet. thank you so much!!!

  19. so exciting for you and the hubs! isnt it amazing how much they just POP out that last month?! you look great!

  20. Awww! Simply glowing! Best of luck during your pregnancy! Bring a special pillow to the hospital (since it will be in all the pics)!

  21. I hope that when it comes time for me to have one, I will look as good as you do! You look AMAZING!

    Best wishes,


  22. Jo,
    you look beautiful.
    Have you ever seen that scene from Dumbo called Baby of Mine with all the sleeping baby animals & their moms? I think you will appreciate that in your current state <3

  23. Joanna, you look beautiful. Enjoy that belly, It’ll be gone soon! xxx

  24. yay belly shots!
    thankyou and so so exciting and so cute about alex you guys are going to be such amazing parents i cant wait till he’s born! WOOO, super exciting, much love.x

  25. So cute! You two are sweet! :)

  26. SOOO adorable and the photos really emanate your joy. Cannot wait to see the little one! Not much longer now… =)