This weekend, Alex and I took a few belly shots at a picnic with friends. At 8.5 months, I’m feeling ready to POP! We’re so excited, and Alex has been my hero during this whole pregnancy–cooking pastas and burgers for dinner, massaging my lower back every night, telling me I look beautiful on those days when I’m swollen and bloated and highly doubting it, practicing guitar so he can teach the baby, and being incredibly understanding every step (and bump) of the way. Most baby books bizarrely treat dads like they’re babies themselves (giving them only the most basic tips and comparing everything to baseball, groan), but Alex has been such an insightful, gentle, funny, loving partner. A huge, huge thank you, Alexei, and a hat tip to all you dads and dads-to-be out there! xoxo

(Thanks for taking the photos, Abbey:)