Wedding: First Look

Now onto the first look! Alex and I decided to see each other before our ceremony, so that we could take some photos beforehand. So our photographer Max kindly arranged a “first look,” where Alex stood with his back to the door, and I came downstairs to see him. As soon as I peeked in the doorway, and saw my sweet, sweet husband-to-be all dressed up and waiting for me, I became overwhelmed with emotion and got choked up. I knew he must be nervous (my heart was pounding!), and he looked so sweet and charming that my heart just broke. Then Max told Alex he could turn around, and we saw each other for the first time, dressed in our wedding attire. It was so romantic and intimate, and the perfect way to start the wedding festivities together. xo

(My bouquet was arranged by my dear friend Abbey, who is such a talent; it was a simple bunch of delphiniums tied with pink ribbons. My dress and shoes were from J. Crew. Alex’s pink-and-white tie was from the amazing FieldGuided on etsy; she even mailed us fabric swatches to make sure the pink was just right.)

(Photos by Max Wanger)

  1. beautiful photos congratulations

  2. Kristin says...

    I would skip the cheesy first dance that we did with a boombox–ha! Also the father daughter dance too (cringe). I would have trimmed the fat on the guest list to really just be who I wanted there. I would have picked a different officiant. Ours slipped in their own personal religious views after already agreeing to the vows we wrote–not cool. And possibly, I would have skipped the ceremony altogether and just had the reception because we had eloped in Hawaii and were already technically married (green card issues, ha!) so it felt kinda odd saying vows even though we were already really married…

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  4. Hi Joanna,
    I stumbled back across your blog today and thought it was time to fess up- I stole your gorgeous hairstyle for our 2010 wedding! I was looking for something relaxed and creative and fell in love with yours the moment I saw it. You can see photos here: if interested! Thanks so much for the inspiration. You’re gorgeous!

  5. Carolin says...

    Such a great idea to see each other before the ceremony without all the people around.
    So intimate. Your are so amazing!