Have a very happy Fourth of July! What are you up to? Alex and I are visiting my sweet parents in Michigan and eating grilled shrimp on the deck. Yummy. A big kiss to you all, and in the meantime, here are a few great posts from around the web this week…

I’m scared of subways, but maybe swings would make them more fun!

Socks for your chairs.

Fun stationery article in the NYTimes.

LOVE the White House flickr stream. So down to earth.

Pretty polka-dot dress…and a toilet paper wedding dress!

The house that used to be there.

Le sigh. I miss Domino.

Now you can say “I do” at this Brooklyn bank. Gorgeous.

Awesome baby announcements by Mandate Press.

Cool-as-hell wedding.

Picasso plays with light.

Old Hollywood street style makes me swoon.

As a huge beard fan, I love this manly hair font.

Name tags, but way cooler.

A young designer slammed American Airlines for their poor web design, and he did a quick redesign. A seasoned designer at American Airlines wrote back a wonderful letter explaining what happens at big companies. I thought his response was brilliant.

Ballet dancing to Michael Jackson. xo