Cute Families.


This adorable family was photographed while walking around Amsterdam. Wow. They are like the coolest looking family I’ve ever seen. (P.S. I love how babies hold their feet at right angles!!!)


Also, this mom and daughter, photographed in Manhattan, are really stylin’, too. New York Magazine called their look “disheveled aristocrat.” Don’t you love that?

(Family shot via Chelsea, via 2 or 3 Things)

  1. Buddy says...

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  2. Really effective material, thanks so much for the post.

  3. This won’t succeed as a matter of fact, that’s exactly what I consider.

  4. cute families indeed, the first family in the picture is complete, the second is missing the father or another son or daughter, but she looks adorable with her baby!

  5. Hi Joanna, I tried to watch the picture but the computer is giving a me an error message. What a shame. Any ways, I love your blog. nice work.

  6. I love the family from Amsterdam.

  7. I love the mom in the top photo, she is wearing heels and everythingl ooks so put together

  8. I remember, in Amsterdam, thinking, every little family here (moms with their little ones on the bikes) looks so incredibly styled. And completely without effort.

  9. Hi, The first photo is striking although the dad looks a bit out of place…task! the second photo kind of looks like it’s straight from the ads or something.

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  10. imagine carrying a baby in heels! they’re still gorgeous though

  11. this is like cuteness overload :)

  12. The families look cute and kinda chic as well :)

  13. the first photo is striking although the dad looks a bit out of place…tsk! the second photo kind of looks like it’s straight from the ads or something.

  14. Cute family in the first photo. I especially like the mom’s style (and her shoes!).

  15. Olyas shoes are an amazingly well styled addition to her and the kids outfits, love it!

  16. jd says...

    well, they may have been photographed in Amsterdam, but they are New Yorkers… photographer Charles Thompson and his wife Olya, who has great style, which is pretty evident down to her baby’s bonnet.

  17. Effortless chic. The babies just do it.

  18. Anonymous says...

    Love the disheveled aristocrat look – and name!

  19. E says...

    That’s so cute, I like the mum’s dress in the first picture.

    Yeah, what a styling duo in the second photo!

  20. beautiful!

  21. Wow, if I make it to Amsterdam next year I’ll feel underdressed:) They are seriously too cute.

  22. they look so chic and hip

  23. the first photo – too cute.
    it seems they dressed to almost match without even planning it.
    i love the babies bonnet!

    and the second photo – bill cunningham’s work?
    “disheveled aristocrat” – love it.

  24. such adorable families! i love the ‘disheveled aristocrat’ pair.

  25. cute.
    the mother in the first photo is wearing some killer shoes. i bet they kill her after holding a kid all day wearing them.

  26. Loove these photos, very cool families!

  27. I like the first photo …they all look like they are from another era …except the man. it’s funny but nice.