Have a wonderful weekend! Alex and I are off for a little road trip through the Hudson Valley. I’m so excited. We are lucky enough to be staying at this pretty hotel (with ducks!), and I have a couple birthday surprises for Alexei….I’ll tell you about them next week!

In the meantime, here are some great posts from other blogs…

What a beautiful photo of Paul Newman.

What it feels like when you fall asleep while watching a DVD and then wake up after the movie has ended.

Abbey made a beautiful baby quilt.

Spooky clock.

Loving these polka-dot sheets. And they’re on sale!

Alex and I may or may not be getting tired of pretending to be vegetarians.

Haha, this artwork is such a tease.

Aussies can now rent chickens!

If I were the least bit crafty, I’d make this paper crane mobile.

Choose your own adventure. Rad rad rad.

Have a wonderful weekend, my dolls!

(Photos by KAGoldberg)