Have a happy weekend! We’re planning to watch Rosemary’s Baby and lie in the park. Can’t wait to relax. Here are some fun posts from the web this week, my sweets…

My sister made this egg dish for us last weekend and we licked our plates.

Blue wallpaper makes me happy.

How nice to be a disheveled aristocrat. Maybe she would carry a lace wallet.

Can’t get enough of Refinery29’s ebay blog and Krisatomic’s 10 Things to Love.

Fashion, meet nature.

Great idea: A cork frame wall.

The newest Cookie house tour is swank!

Monika’s beautiful photos, via Pia.

Hippo makeup bags. Cute.

I’m looking for a fall intern for my Glamour blog. Know anyone awesome?

That’s it this week, folks! Now I’m sleepy and am going to fall into Alex’s arms. Have a wonderful weekend xoxo

(Photo from JoanieMary; video via Swissmiss)