Conversations With a Two-Year-Old

Conversation with a Two-Year-Old

What funny things are your kids talking about these days? I’ve written about things Toby says, but these days Anton has also been chatting up a storm. He has SUCH a raspy voice, and he’s always talking about when he was little (!). For example…

Anton: “Is Humpty Dumpty a kid or a grownup?”
Us: “He’s actually an egg.”
Anton: “Oh, I see. He’s an egg!”

While on a walk in the evening: “The moon is coming with us to the playground!”

“The ice is too slip-illy.”

“We need to put on our hats-iz and scarves-iz.”

Us, at dinner: “Remember how we talked about meals? What meal is this?”
Anton: “Oatmeal?”

Recently, in the middle of the night, he started crying, so I went to his room.
Me: “What’s wrong?”
Anton: “I missed you.”
So he came to sleep in our bed, and after rustling around he sat up straight:
Anton: “Where is your NECK???”
Me: “Right here.”
Cuddled up directly on it.

Last night, Anton was pretending to be the daddy, and I was the baby.
Me: “How was your day at work?”
Anton: “Great.”
“What is your job?”
“I eat gum. I eat daddy gum and talk to the people.”

Above, he learns the names of all the Beatles.

What cute things your little ones saying or doing these days? I would love to hear…

P.S. Toby in conversation as a two-, three-, three-and-a-half– and four-year-old, and Anton when he was just two weeks old.

(Top photo from Instagram)

  1. Andy says...

    I drew an Angry bird figure for my 6 year old nephew and he kept insisting that I title the drawing ‘Angry Birds’. When I said that popular art should speak for itself, like the Mona Lisa. He quips like a gallerist, “Not all drawings and art make sense! Look at this! Does it make sense to you? (pointing at one of his works of art, a drawing of a woman’s head emerging out of a lotus – I have no idea what inspired him to draw that!). Kids can be precociously funny sometimes! Anton’s a super cool kid btw! x

  2. My 2-year-old is also a Beatles fan, via his grandmother who sits down with him to watch Yellow Submarine on a regular basis (we live with them). The other day they had a Yellow Submarine funnel trumpet duet, and LO started singing the song punk-style.

  3. Sil says...

    Anton is the cutest!!!

  4. Mel Keaney says...

    Last night my 6-year-old asked me “mom, how do you know everything?” I told her it’s a magical power all mamas get and she’ll have it too when she becomes a mom. She said “Uh-uh, I’m not going to have babies.” “Why not,” I asked. “Because it will hurt so bad when they cut the ‘bilica’ cord.” I told her it doesn’t hurt and its like getting a hair cut, but she’s convinced its terrifying.

  5. Emma says...

    Oh I love this! My daughter has just started speaking Turkish, we live in Turkey and are both English speakers but she has been in Turkish nursery since she was 18 months. Today I filmed her playing with our housekeeper’s little girl who speaks no English. Ive never been prouder than to see for myself her fluent in another language. I hope it will translate into making languages easier for her as next month we move to Seoul…

  6. Liz says...

    Our 2 1/2 year old in conversation with his dad: “You have a big nose. I have a little nose. You have big feet. I have little feet. Mom has big feet. I have little feet… [deadpans] I wanna watch a show on your phone.”

  7. Molly says...

    Buah ha ha. Besides the Beatles, whose names I actually know, that´s pretty much how I feel about every other band ever. Who is in that band you ask? A boy. Who is in that other band? A girl. They make music. I like it. Why do I need to know their names?

  8. Danielle says...

    My step son has been asking to wear his ‘jail pants’ to bed… we bought him navy and white striped pyjamas. I asked if he was going to jail and he said, very firmly, ‘No I am not because I was good’

    I was laying on the bed with him playing video games next to me and I yawned because I was shot and it was getting close to his bedtime. He said ‘I know why you’re bored- it’s because you have to stay here with me’ It broke my heart!

  9. Andrea says...

    My 4 year-old also refers to “when he was a little boy…” And I’ll say, “But you’re a big boy now, right?” To which he’ll respond, “No, I’m just a medium boy.”
    He also has recently started making random observations which I’ll affirm with “Yes, that’s right.” Then he’ll occasionally respond with “So that’s pretty interesting…”

  10. Oh my heart!! Oatmeal, that’s the best answer. What a sweetie. Thanks for sharing, brightened my morning! Smiles from Kaua’i :)

  11. Laura C says...

    When my 5yo girl were 3, she told me her most hilarious and famous phrase, she got angry with me and told me “you are a flower that smells really bad”. I had to do a big effort and stay serious, but it was hard not to laugh.
    Oh how I love your Anton Joanna! You lucky girl!

  12. I’m pregnant with our 4th baby right now, and while disclosing to our 4 year old (second child, also our only boy!) that he is getting another little sister, he looked up at me and asked “is it Izzy?” (who is actually the younger sister he already has 😂). Made us laugh. And then a few days later he told me that he is so happy because he will have another little sister to hide under the dining table with. (Something that he and our 3rd kid always do together!)

  13. Amy says...

    My sweet 2 1/2 year old told me yesterday, “A pancake is kinda like a friend.” Which, I mean, I guess? Today he walked past me on his way into the kitchen saying, “I will get some beautiful milk.” Obviously we think really highly of food at our house.

  14. Ashley says...

    Our almost 3 year old still says “I wanna hold you” when he wants a hug instead of hold me and when his best friend was moved up to another class he says “I miss Brady, he’s my Brady” in a very sad voice (breaks my heart). He also told his father the other day “Daddy did you poot? That’s dangerous!” Which is what we tell him when he tries to climb on furniture.

  15. Christy says...

    We moved to lousiana about 8 months ago. My 2 y/o has been hearing a lot of southern talk.
    Izzy: ouchie, wall hurt me. I need “ass” pack
    Me: huh? What?
    Izzy: I need “ass” pack!!!!!
    Me: ( is she really saying what I think she’s saying?!) Show mama
    Izzy: points to fridge
    Me: ohhhh.. “Ice” pack.
    Izzy: yes meem! (Yes ma’am)

  16. he is SO CUTE.

  17. Lee says...

    Oh the sweetest and most remarkable things come the mouths of babes!
    I’m a teacher and always saying in retirement I’m going to write a book full of all the incredibly ridiculous and awesome things my students have uttered in class over the years.

  18. Nicole says...

    My son Bennett is 2 1/2, here’s my favorite:
    Me: how old are you?
    Him: I’m just a Bennett
    Me: are you 2 1/2?
    Him: Nope, I’m just a Bennett, mama.

    • Amy says...

      I have a 2 1/2 year old Bennett who calls me Mama too! When I ask him how old he is he tells me, “Ben!!” Love it. Give your little B a high five from my little B.

  19. He’s SO sweet!! I live in Southern California and my niece (who at one time said “Nee-ow” for Meow) calls the Happiest Place on Earth “Dismeyland” and loves a Neopolitan “Shake-Milk” from In-N-Out :) I die!!

  20. JenMarie says...

    He would love the book, “I Took the Moon for a Walk.” It was a favorite in our house.

  21. Eliza says...

    I LOVE the way they speak in plurals when they’re young. My youngest stopped doing that in the past year and I gotta admit I miss it…these conversations are so cute and it’s so wonderful that you’re documenting them.

  22. My 3 year old son is super affectionate and professes his love for me multiple times a day. It’s darling. The other day he said “Mommy, you know why I love you? Because you’re the best EVER! And you know why I love daddy? Because he’s the best EVER! You know what else I love? Picking my nose.” I couldn’t stop laughing. Ranking up there with nose picking is pretty high praise.

    • Heather says...

      Just startled my nursing baby by laughing aloud! That’s fantastic.

  23. hah! this was a great one- i love when kids start talking and make “conversation”. i wish that chewing gum was my whole job ;)

  24. Linda says...

    When my twin girls were little, one of them asked me, “how do you tell if someone is a boy or girl?” I hesitated a minute and her sister said, “I know, I know”. So I said “please…go ahead”. She said, “boys have choo-choo trains on their panties”.

  25. Summer says...

    The drummer? “A boy!” Excellent, bahahahahha!

  26. no kids, but i get the joy of witnessing cuteness from friends’ children, or reading about it on FB. one friend posted recently that when she asked her 3 year old daughter to clear the table of toys for dinner, the response was: “No! You won’t make me your slave!”

    this particular friend is a treasure trove of delightful kids’ conversations.

  27. I just did a post on my blog yesterday about a funny conversation with my daughter – who is almost 3. I love the thoughts that come from kids! So sporadic and creative.

  28. Beth says...

    Oh, I just love everything about this. 2 year olds and language are so much fun. I think that writing down his words and your conversations is so special too for when he grows up and wants to know about his 2 year old self. “OATMEAL” that is my favorite and should really be a slogan for eating oatmeal for breakfast :)

  29. Mary Kay says...

    My 3 year old grandson was a sweet little worrier, and bedtimes were getting more and more difficult. Monsters under the bed, could Chelsea (their Great Dane) protect them from the bad guys, etc. One night talking about it and I asked him if monsters were real or pretend.

    A scowl, 2 seconds of thinking, and then “They’re pretend. But I’m pretending they’re real!”

    He’s 26 now, training to be Special Forces in the Army. Connection?

    • jj says...

      haha that’s great :)

  30. Viviana Reyes says...

    While playing at the park Saturday evening, my little one shouted to her friends “look a shooting star, let’s make a wish!!!”. She then closes her eyes as if to make her wish and when she is done, she turns over to her friends and whispers “I wished for a unicorn.”

  31. My son has been saying things like, “mommy can you please stop talking – it’s making my whole body tired.” He’s only 4 but I still get a teensy bit offended. :)

    • Helen, reminds me of my son. I want to have a “talk” about misbehaviour and the other day he said to me, “please just put me in time-out”


    • oh Marcia that is so funny LOL

  32. sue says...


  33. Ivy says...

    My husband has been telling, “When I was a little boy” stories to our 2.5 year old, so he asked me to tell him a “When I was a little boy” story, too. I started out, “When I was a little girl,” and he interrupted, “No, Mommy, when you were a little BOY– you were not a little girl, you were a little BOY.” Also, he says, “ti-gar” instead of “guitar,” and we can’t bear to correct him.