Do or Don’t

Do or Don’t: Snail Masks

Snails make you look radiant, apparently.

Do or Don’t: Mailing Thank You Notes

Can't we just send a nice text in the cab ride home?

Do or Don’t: Cash Wedding Registry

Talking about whether plain old money is an appropriate wedding gift.

Do or Don’t: A Work Uniform

Would you wear the same ensemble to work every day?

Do or Don’t: Tomboy Perfumes

The other night, I met my friend K. at the movies. As…

Do or Don’t: Sweatshirts

My brother brought his French girlfriend on our family vacation last week.…

Do or Don’t: The Front Tuck

A couple years ago, everyone was half-tucking their shirts (like this), but…

Do You Hug and Kiss Your Friends?

Growing up in Michigan, I didn’t really touch people. Other than the…

Wedding Do or Don’t: Restaurant Registry

Alex and I went out to dinner the other night, and we…

A Happiness Trick

As long-time readers may have noticed, I’m a big worrier, so I’m…