A funny conversation went down in the CoJ comments section…

In a Friday link list, I wrote, “What an easy, sexy top.” I’d definitely wear it on a date.

But! Then a reader named Anna commented: “It’s funny how I love love love CoJ, but I don’t even have to look at fashion that you label ‘sexy’ to know that it’s not my style.” To which Lucy replied: “Hahahaha, I have a compleeeeetely different body shape than Joanna, so I much prefer body-con hoochie-mama dresses with color!” Added Olivia: “Yes, I’m in my sexy-lady phase, and to me that means Reformation.”

The comments made me laugh and wonder, what makes something sexy (or not) to each person? For me, when I’m riding my bike in a short dress, or wearing a lacy blouse to dinner, I feel laid-back and confident. But others may prefer to dress up, or bare skin, or add color, or highlight a favorite body part. So many ways to be alluring!

I asked a few friends to weigh in…

“Anything from Christopher Esber: this green skirt I’m wearing has built-in panties and you’re supposed to let them show (!!!) but I was not bold enough for that lol. (This one is similar.) Also, every workout skirt immediately makes me want to start batting my eyelashes.” — Hunter Harris

“To me, there’s nothing sexier than a great pair of jeans. For a night out with friends, I wore high-waisted jeans with a black bodysuit and felt really good.” — Kaitlyn Teer

“I’m a Taurus, so I’m all about touch. Soft cashmere or sleek silk can get me in the mood, but something itchy can totally ruin my date night.” — Emilia Petrarca

“I feel sexy and powerful in a suit, like this Scotch & Soda one. I have a collection of them in every color of the rainbow. I’ve also found epic vintage suits.” — Piera Gelardi

A long dress with an open back because it’s unexpected. At first, the dress looks pretty from the front, but then you turn around or take your jacket off and BAM!” — Jannelle Sanchez

This swimsuit is simple and perfect. The cups are built in, which spares you that weird crumpled-up removable padding where your lovely bosom was supposed to be. I put it on, and then I never think about it again, and if there’s anything sexier than not needing to pull a swimsuit out of your asscrack, I don’t know what it is!” — Catherine Newman

“I wear a hot pink sports bra from Target under a chambray shirt or a teal jumpsuit from Universal Standard. The bra is sold out, annoyingly, but I just got this bikini, which has a similar vibe.” — Virginia Sole-Smith

This short dress because I like my legs.” — Gemma Burgess

“I feel most myself in a pair of crisp pajamas. My favorites are from Salter House, and I also stocked up on these from Gap. A good pajama set makes me feel like Amanda Woods in The Holiday.” — Ali LaBelle

What makes you feel sexy? I’m so curious!

P.S. The one thing I keep spotting at parties and everyday clothes I’ve worn 8 million times.

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