What sexy TV/Movie scenes do you love?

What sexy TV/Movie scenes do you love?

In the past, we’ve shared funny scenes, mother-daughter scenes, and romantic scenes. But today I want to ask: what sexy scenes do you like? Here are seven that make me blush…

I first watched Dirty Dancing when I was 13, and this dance scene is still one of the sexiest scenes I’ve ever seen. Can we all agree on how hot Baby’s confidence is here? She knows Johnny’s head over heels for her, and their sexual tension is off the charts. The way he kisses her stomach and throws himself on the floor!

Nothing is hotter than a good makeout sesh, like this moment between Lawrence and Issa in Insecure. The way Lawrence pulls her up on the desk! The way they look so comfortable with each other’s bodies! You may debate whether or not they should end up together, but you can’t deny their chemistry.

Normal People has lots of hot and heavy moments, but the winner for me is Connell and Marianne’s first kiss. It’s full of longing and tenderness, and what’s more exciting than fooling around in secret?

When I first saw the fountain scene in Atonement, Robbie and Cecilia’s searing glances actually made me say “Oh my god!” Also, when Robbie clenches the vase handle as Cecilia puts her dress back on? *fans myself* My biggest takeaway is, if you want to find out if someone’s into you, just hop into a fountain in your underwear and study their reaction.

As a teen, I dreamed of kissing on a ferris wheel. It’s intimate but also out in the open! You’re up in the air! And the glowy lights lend the perfect kissing ambience. So you better believe I whooped for joy when Love, Simon gave Simon his ferris wheel kissing moment.

This moment in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before starts off sweet, with Peter confessing how he drove across town to get Lara Jean’s favorite snacks for their class ski trip. And then Lara Jean hops into the hot tub. Says a reader named Kate, “I rewound and rewatched this hot tub scene. Allllll the teenage feelings.”

Finally, the Fleabag season two arm touch scene gets me every time. It reminds me of when my husband Max once oh-so-casually placed his hand on my leg while we were first dating, and my whole body burst into flames. Later that night I actually texted my friends: “HE TOUCHED MY THIGH!!!”

What scenes do you love in sexy movies and TV shows? Please share below…

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