Joanna goddard honorary niece

baby at Brooklyn playground

The boys were out of town last weekend, and, craving a shot of kid energy, I took my honorary niece to the playground. She was a little dazed in the heat until I remembered the A+ wisdom from Cup of Jo reader Chloe: “My favorite parenting advice is, ‘If they are crabby, add water.’ Run a bath, take a shower, water the garden, wash the dog, have a hot drink, have a cold drink… just add water.” So, we pulled out her little cup and filled it at the drinking fountain. For the rest of the hour, she shrieked and splashed. “Heading home!” I finally texted her parents. “Fyi, she’s soaked.”

prosciutto board at larina Brooklyn

Later that day, my friend Ryan and I headed to dinner and ordered a prosciutto starter. The board came with a scoop of giardiniera, aka pickled vegetables in vinegar. The combo was SO delicious, and what an easy way to whip up a pre-dinner snack for friends, right?

hotel dec de saint Simon

hotel dec de saint Simon

Also, how cool would it be to deck out a bedroom with a pattern? My friend Holly shared these photos of Hôtel Duc de Saint Simon in Paris, and I love how the room feels enveloped by flowers. Also, that bow hook, swoon. (Steal version here.)

shelter island

Lastly, I finally figured out my swimsuit cover-up look. In the past, I’ve worn dresses like this, which I still like, but they’re very all-or-nothing, and throughout the day I prefer being able to mix things up. So! My new go-to: a white linen shirt and track shorts (also in stripes). Easy, cool, done and done.

What fun things have you come across recently? Or simple pleasures? Please share below!

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