What are you up to this weekend? Anton has been sick this week, so I’m staying home to take care of him, but the rest of the Cup of Jo team is in Mexico City! Have you visited before, or do you live there? The city looks so beautiful, and I’m excited to see all their photos. Hope you have a good weekend, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Do you think this hangover cure really works?

What your tone should sound like in tricky work conversations.

I’m a food writer — with some food issues.” (Loved this.)

What a sweet wedding photo.

Bonfire eggs.

I keep hearing great things about The Let Down. Have you seen it?

This couple looks forward to therapy more than date night.

Cool temporary tattoo.

The one word to avoid when buying rosé.

These women rejecting marriage proposals still make me laugh.

Five more Mother’s Day gift ideas for moms or mother figures…
A heartfelt card.
A book you tore through.
A magic product to make her skin glow.
A cheerful umbrella.
Knotted slippers for padding around the house.
And a walk, a talk, a hug. xoxo

Plus, two reader comments on three words that changed my parenting style:

Says Jill: “I learned the phrase ‘tell me more’ during my training in palliative care. So often our everyday conversations consist of hopping from iceberg tip to iceberg tip, leaving us guessing about the hidden stuff under the surface. I always love hearing how people respond to this invitation. With my patients and my kids, it lets them know that I’m listening and that I care about their internal world.”

Says Chloe: “My favorite parenting advice is, ‘If they are crabby, add water.’ This has served me well over the years and believe it or not, with a 14, 10 and 8-year-old, I still use it. Run a bath, take a shower, water the garden, wash the dog, have a hot drink, have a cold drink… just add water. It works 99% of the time.”

(Photo by Nikole Herriott.)