barton springs pool Austin

barton springs pool Austin

What are you up to this weekend? The boys and I are visiting old friends in Austin (including our beloved illustrator Grace Farris), and although we weren’t quite brave enough to jump into Barton Springs, we did dip our feet in! We’d also forgotten how delicious migas tacos are, omg. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

I thought all mascaras were the same until trying this magic formula.

Have you seen the new show Beef? I’m really enjoying it.

Plus, the trailer for Never Have I Ever season four! #TeamBen

The perfect vacation dress. (And plus.)

Brooklyn’s Café Spaghetti is getting a sibling. (NYMag)

House hunting by the lakes in Minneapolis. (NYTimes gift link)

A delicious no-bake British dessert.

A compelling and honest essay about how the professionalism double standard impacts Black women, written by author Tembe Denton-Hurst. “By the time I entered the working world, I was well versed in navigating the choppy waters of respectability. I knew how I would be perceived for showing up too similarly to a caricature of a Black woman they’d seen on TV or encountered in real life. I threw my best and biggest ideas out early, made culturally relevant jokes followed by my best attempts to explain them, became an always available sounding board for diversity, and didn’t make a fuss. I called missteps out gently, typing exclamation points and ‘I think’ to soften my approach in emails. I carefully managed myself as well as their perceptions of me.” (NYMag)

A casually elegant salad.

The humbling tyranny of the photos our kids take of us, haha.

The visiting cards of famous artists.

I’ve had trouble sleeping lately, so I busted out my old pal.

Plus, three reader comments:

Says Laura on why are kids’ swimsuits so cute: “Doughy little baby thighs, dusted with beach sand, are snickerdoodles for the soul. I sigh just thinking about them.”

Says Emma on 12 great reader comments on sex: “Tip for folks with kids who feel pressured to keep sex novel and special: morning quickies, once or twice a week. And I mean QUICK: two to five minutes. Whip off clothes, grab lube, and make it happen. Afterward, he’ll jump out of bed with my blessing and I’ll finish myself off while he makes coffee for us. At first, my husband was shy about it as he likes to take care of me, but I just said, ‘Not every time needs to be a spiritual experience,’ and it took the pressure off. We call it ‘microdosing.’ Now when the weekend rolls around, if we want to have longer sex, initiating doesn’t feel scary because we practice so much.”

Says Emily J. on five things I noticed at a drinks party: “Please tell Odette Williams that there’s a 10-year-old boy in Auburn, Alabama, who baked his way through her Simple Cake recipes all by himself, making one every weekend. Her chocolate cake is his absolute favorite, and he requests (and makes) one for every special occasion. And he is our house’s official Pavlova maker; hers is the only Pavlova technique that has ever worked for us!”

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