Warning: This migas is authentic only in that its maker (me) is authentically obsessed with the famous breakfast dish, where crumbled stale tortilla chips are stirred into an egg scramble along with onions, jalapeños, cheese, and tomatoes. I’ve only ever eaten it in Austin, Texas (often in taco form), and it just felt wrong — if not downright illegal — to make something so regionally specific in my New York kitchen. But if it’s delicious, it’s delicious, right? To make: I scrambled a half cup of crumbled chips into 4 eggs along with a handful of shredded cheddar and roughly two tablespoons each minced onion and jalapeño, then doused with hot sauce. For tacos, sandwich the eggs into 4 warmed tortillas. Serves 2. — Jenny

Madewell bomber

What is it about a fall jacket that is so attractive? Maybe it’s the Michigan side of me but whenever people wear a windbreaker or fleece, I always think they look so windswept and cute. Especially loving this bomber and this rain trench.

I tore through The Witches Are Coming (Amazon; Indiebound; Books Are Magic), Lindy West’s new book of essays on gender, pop culture, bodies, politics and more. Her hilarious, searing cultural critiques make you want to dress in black and grab a broom. Every sentence is gold. For example, here’s one, randomly chosen: “Based on my experiences in Hollywood with Hollywood people, show business is — to quote Benjamin Franklin — 99 percent sushi meetings about stuff that will never happen and 1 percent perspiration.” (And here’s Lindy’s beauty uniform, if you’d like to read it.)

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