What are you up to this weekend? Tomorrow I’m flying home from Paris — looking forward to sharing anecdotes this coming week — and I can’t wait to squeeze my babiesssss. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few links from around the web…

This is how my grandmother falls asleep! (NYTimes gift link)

You feel beauty with your whole body.

Baby pink is a thing (and this is the one we swear by).

Now THAT’s a restaurant review. “What is a life in New York… but a very long Mad Libs? I left (a new restaurant) that night, wandering down the (adjective) block, (existential state). I think I saw (celebrity) on (street name). I’m sure I saw a guy (inappropriate verb) on the subway platform. Throwing open the door to my (type of dwelling), I was greeted by my (most intimate relationship). I gave her (love language) and we watched (favorite show) together. I fell asleep with thoughts of (two favorite restaurants), (a former lover), (a favorite actor), and (a former acquaintance), of (a thing you cannot escape) and the (thing you cannot inhabit) colliding in my consciousness. God, I love New York… What makes the passage of time at all bearable is the sheer excitement of proper nouns that come and go.”

This is the best household brand and this is the best of the best. You’re welcome.

Portraits famous photographers took of their partners. (Via Kottke)

Author Celeste Ng’s book recommendations.

Cool guest room makeover.

Another delicious chickpea recipe.

We watched The Fugitive this week and it still slaps.

Plus, three reader comments:

Says Awad on a love letter to grumps: “I love a grump, especially if it’s one I can turn around. There’s a famous old grump at my local bookstore. One day he scowled at me about nothing in particular, and I looked him dead in the eye and said, ‘Will you please stop flirting with me? It’s getting embarrassing.’ Made him laugh, and since then he’s been a gem — but still mean as piss to many others.”

Says Lisa on a list of things to NOT do if you have preteens: “I remember being MORTIFIED by my mother. She did the following things:
– sang in public
– asked someone’s son if he wanted to date me
– when we walked past a pharmacy in our local mall, she waved and said hello to a cardboard cutout. Her excuse was ‘I thought it was just someone being friendly!'”

Says Aya on a list of things to NOT do if you have preteens: “This made me laugh so hard! I’m reminded of that post, where you, Joanna, wrote about doing a little dance while picking up Toby from kindergarten, and he got super embarrassed and mouthed, ‘JUST STAND.’ Remember that? That post stayed with me because who knew you become embarrassing to your kids as early as kindergarten age?! Haha.”

(Cookie photo by Yossy Arefi.)

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