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What are you up to this weekend? I’m in Michigan with my mom, and I found this cute photo of my parents when we were babies. How chic is my mom with her middle part and heeled boots? Taking notes, 1979 Jean! Hope you have a good one — squeeze your loved ones — and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Found! My New Year’s Eve top and pants.

How amazing are these views from hotel rooms?

The beauty of friendship: “Same is the most important word in our vocabulary. It’s just a shorthand expression of empathy, I guess, and it means: ‘I know how you feel.’ It means: ‘You are not alone.’ It means: ‘You are not insane.’ Or maybe: ‘You are insane, but so am I.'” (Washington Post)

Oooh, the movie trailer for Barbie, directed by Greta Gerwig.

The best winter accessory, forever and always.

Alison Roman’s seven holiday entertaining tips, including “no more olives with pits, sorry.”

How to name group texts, haha.

LOVED this 10-minute film about our Brooklyn neighborhood. (New Yorker)

My boyfriend, a writer, broke up with me because I’m a writer: “The ability to bend an inch at a time while seeming to stand up straight is a useful and gendered skill. Most women I know do it regularly. They bend until they’re pretzeled and then blame themselves for the body aches. I’ve thought a lot about these dynamics. I wrote a whole book exploring them. And yet. There I was.”

A very beautiful stamp.

Hungry for cauliflower quesadillas.

Words to remember.

Plus, three reader comments:

Says Diana on what are the names of your group texts: “The Olive Gardenias because we all went to The Olive Garden for lunch once.”

Says Janey on a cookie swap: “Since the holidays are a glut of sweets, I’d love a book swap party instead of cookies. Bring your favorite of the year, and trade for another good read.” (Ed. note: Genius!)

Says Sarah on Scott’s week of outfits: “I’ve had a clothing epiphany lately, moving from having worn black and neutrals for years (because they were ‘slimming’ and ‘flattering’) to wanting to try bolder colors. It’s odd, because for years if you’d asked I would have said, ‘I just like neutrals!’ but suddenly that is not true anymore. Cup of Jo’s post featuring Natasha Pickowicz was a HUGE catalyst in reframing how I think about fashion, and the post featuring Scott is having a major impact, as well: like, wait a sec, I can just ‘play’ with clothing? The rules aren’t real?? So, in summary, my three fashion inspirations are Natasha Pickowicz, Sharon Horgan on Catastrophe (IYKYK), and Scott Csoke. Thank you so much, Scott! I love your style!”

And here’s our full 2022 gift guide, if you’d like to read. Have a great weekend. xoxo

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(Top photo of my parents in Paris, 1979.)