What Are Your Core Values?

What Are Your Core Values?

Recently, I started seeing a new therapist, and not only does she have long beautiful nails always painted in cool colors (my fave so far was baby blue), but she also asks questions and shares insights that make my head explode. The other day, I told her that our sessions feel like this emoji: 🤯.

One of the first things she asked me was, “What are your three core values?” I wasn’t sure how to answer, so she shared a list of examples, and from there I found it relatively easy to chose three that felt right. Her point was that, once we clarify the traits we value, we can work to make sure our actions align.

So! I’m wondering: What are your three core values? Here’s a list to choose from, although of course you can add your own, too.

Please share below! I thought it was really compelling to think about.

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(Photo by Kayla Johnson/Stocksy.)