outer sunset dunes

What are you up to? We are visiting my sister in California and jumping off sand dunes and eating fish tacos and having brotherly squabbles and all of the things! Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Restaurant matchbook prints.

Britain’s coastal grandmothers react to becoming TikTok style icons. “I’ve got a basic wardrobe of all my favorite bits that I just chuck on… I don’t want to look frumpy, but I don’t want to look like mutton dressed as lamb either.”

Lulu and Georgia is offering a whopping 20% off, including furniture and rugs. I really like this vase, this artwork and these napkins.

Considering going gray? LOVED this woman’s 20-month photoblog of doing just that.

Three yummy dinners with mushrooms.

This dress has the prettiest back!

Why I decided not to marry my wife in a church: “All of my childhood fantasies about marriage involved a church. I was raised in a tongues-speaking, foot-stomping, choir-sanging, tambourine-playing Black church, where my grandparents — on both sides of my family — were pastors. I loved being a church girl… But my real wedding in 2021 was nothing like what I’d pictured.” (Elle)

6 ways to hang art like an interior designer.

How Sharon Horgan created a monstrous brother-in-law for her fantastic TV series Bad Sisters. (NYTimes)

What my three-year-old has in his pocket.”

Go be weird.

Plus, three reader comments:

Says JAK on a living room fakeover: “A deceptively simple ‘fakeover’ is switching out kitchen tablecloths. Right now, I have a cheerful ’70s flower print; this fall, I’ll switch to a subtle stripe. One thing I’ve learned is, don’t save your tablecloths for special occasions — use them all the time. They are not meant to be stuck in a linen closet!”

Says Alison on a living room fakeover: “My grandmother rotated the framed pictures she had of her grandchildren according to the season. Snow pictures for winter, Easter pictures for spring, beach pictures for summer, and school pictures for fall. I always thought that was so fun as a child.”

Says Louisa on 9 readers share their favorite books: “The Overstory fans, you must listen to Richard Powers interviewed on Ezra Klein’s podcast. Life changing – really.”

(Photo of Anton from Cup of Jo’s Instagram.)

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