starstruck hbo

starstruck hbo

Recently, a Cup of Jo reader named Ceridwen left a sweet comment:

“I want to shout out to my friend: She has been going through a difficult time since her mum died and wanted to do something for herself and with others. So, she joined a baseball team! She’s 43, and I think it is awesome! My main contribution is sending her photos of Madonna in A League of Their Own. I love my friend and this cool fun thing she’s doing.”

After reading it, I felt inspired and thought it would be fun if we all gave shout outs to our friends, relatives, or loved ones. I’ll go next…

For the past four years, my friend Megan has devoted herself to being a single foster parent. Whenever a new child comes into her home, she meets them with love, patience and empathy. She also does everything she can to support the relationship between the kiddos and their biological parents. Since she started fostering, three little ones have been reunified with their families, and I’ve seen Megan rally behind the parents every time. After a child leaves her home, she goes through her own process of joy, grief and rest, and she handles it all with so much grace. Separately, she is the friend who is always prepared with anything you need (Tide pen, gum, flashlight, granola bar, you name it), but she also loves to have a good time and is hilarious in party-mode. I’m so proud of her and know the world is a better, safer place because she’s in it.

How about you? Who are you proud of right now? We’d love to hear.

P.S. Being friends with older women and do you say this to your friends?

(Photo from Starstruck/HBO.)