Jeremy goddard toby

Lol-ed at the McSweeney’s list How to Give Directions Like My Dad: “Notice your audience’s tires ‘could use a little air.'” “Ask whether your audience is getting regular oil changes.” “Ask whether your audience likes it up there in the city.” Nailed it.

summer pasta Jenny Rosenstrach

Don’t you love summery pasta with fresh vegetables? Here is Jenny Rosenstrach’s take, and Nora Ephron’s tomato pasta for inspiration.

ejaculate responsibly by Gabrielle Blair design mom

I’m continually impressed by how Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom speaks up about issues that are important to her — reproductive rights, racial justice, gun safety — especially she grew up in a conservative religious family and I imagine some of her loved ones disagree with her. She has such a clear, non-judgmental way of writing and explains her thinking on complicated issues, point by point. I was THRILLED to see that she’s written a short book called Ejaculate Responsibly, which comes out on October 4th. It’s arranged as a series of 28 arguments, and I know it will be smart, empathetic and actionable. I preordered the book here, and you can sign up for Gabrielle’s newsletter here, if you’d like.

Finally, this made me laugh for like five minutes if anyone needs a pick-me-up.

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