Lucy Joanna

Lucy Joanna

The other day, I came across this photo of my twin sister (right) and me. And I was amazed by how much we look like…

My own children. The blondes and the brunettes really match, don’t you think?

My British schoolboy dad also looks so much like Toby, I think. Genes are wild!

Curious, I asked our associate editor Jannelle who her daughter resembles. Her answer: “When Ella was born, all the nurses said, ‘She looks juuuust like dad,” and that phrase has never stopped,” she told me. “Even yesterday at a pool party, a friend told my husband, ‘Dude, she’s all you.’ During her first year, I’d get a little annoyed and want to chime in, ‘There’s a part of me in her, too!’ But after she turned one, I happily resigned myself to the fact that she is 100% Max. I know the bond that Ella and I have makes it clear that we belong to each other. (And some days I make our relationship even more obvious by dressing us in matching outfits!) I really do love how much she looks like Max, because he has my favorite face in the world, and now I have an even cuter mini version.”

Sweetest! Who do the kids in your life look like? Is there a physical resemblance? Or is it more in the gestures and expressions? Would love to hear…

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