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Kids see the world in cool ways, and I love hearing their pearls of wisdom. So! At bedtime last night, I asked Toby, 11, and Anton, 8, to share some of their pro tips

1. What’s a good breakfast?
Toby: Toast with butter is always satisfying.
Anton: Frosted Mini Wheats plus Kashi Cinnamon Harvest. It’s sweet and spongey.

2. How do you make a friend?
Anton: If you see someone that looks nice, go up to them. Don’t say, NOW WE ARE GOING TO BE FRIENDS NOW!!!!! But you could say, do you like movies? And you get into a conversation and then you are friends.

3. If someone can’t sleep, what would you suggest they do?
Toby: Put your hands under your head. It’s cozy.
Anton: You can read. Witches of Brooklyn is good.

4. What should you do if you see a dog on the street?
Anton: Scratch behind the ears! 99.8 percent of dogs like that. You cannot not find a dog who likes it.

5. How can you be a good sports fan?
Toby: Enjoy the players. Cheer for them if they win and cheer for them if they lose.

6. For a chill Friday night, what would you recommend people eat and drink?
Toby: Pizza with pineapple. Because it’s sweet.
Anton: Diet Pepsi. Actually I don’t think I’ve had Diet Pepsi.

7. What advice would you give parents who want to be good parents?
Toby: Take them to baseball games or any sporting event. And help them when they’re sick. Just be gentle.
Anton: Give them all the candy in the world! [In a Scottish accent.] That’s a joke. I’d give them chores, but in return I would let them play video games for two hours a day!

8. What should people do if they go to someone else’s house?
Toby: Say thank you and find toys to play with or rooms to see.
Anton: I would say, “Thank you for having me here” and “This is so beautiful.”

9. What’s a good karaoke song?
Toby: True Colors. It’s pretty.
Anton: Take On Me. I love the band. I also love Queen.

10) What should someone do if they’re in a bad mood?
Toby: Have a San Pellegrino. I would recommend the lemon flavor.
Anton: You wait until 5 p.m. (golden hour), and you take a walk. Just a nice plain walk. That’s all.

Anton and Toby's Guide to Life

Thank you, Toby and Anton! What would you — or the kids in your life — add to this guide? We’d love to hear…

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