Joanna Jenny

Joanna Jenny

One of the gifts of my life is the Cup of Jo community – I love everyone here so much — so I was thrilled to go on Jenny Rosenstrach’s podcast to talk about all things Cup of Jo. We chatted about how I started blogging because of a breakup; the career risk I took while growing the site; what our smart, funny readers have taught me; two books I’ve liked recently; how Toby regularly invites people over to dinner and then casually lets me know; and the yummy meals Alex cooks for us.

Jenny asks such fun questions, and we laughed most of the time. Also, whenever I do a podcast, people say my voice sounds different from how they thought, so apologies if you are weirded out, lol.

Here’s the podcast episode, if you’d like to hear; and here’s Jenny’s newsletter, if you’d like to sign up (it’s fantastic).

So much love and thank you so much for being here. xoxo

P.S. 10 lessons I’ve learned about work, and an interview about blogging as a career.

(Photos by Christine Han.)