Last fall, Anton and I strolled over to the neighborhood playground. We didn’t have any plans in mind or friends to meet, we were just knocking around, seeing where the lazy day would take us. And, lo and behold, we found…

…a classic bouncy ball. The diameter was only 2.5 inches, so we were surprised how, when we tried it out, the ball soared VERY high into the air. We spent the next hour bouncing it above the trees, tossing it back and forth, and just goofing around.


From then on, we brought the bouncy ball along to playgrounds and parks, and we even pack it on trips. For $5, it’s the easiest way to entertain two little boys, whenever we are, from a city park to a grandparents’ driveway. Sometimes the simplest toys are the best.

mom boys feet

What are your go-to toys? Sidewalk chalk? Bracelet-making kits? A bounce ball has also become our repeat party gift!

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