Joanna Goddard

The other day, my friend Gemma came over to play with makeup. We were just goofing around, but one thing she did changed everything…

She drew a neutral lipliner around the outer edge of my lips, then filled them in a little bit. My lips immediately looked so much fuller. The difference was really noticeable, and it made my whole face feel pulled together. Then I swiped on my regular lipstick for a flush of pink. Done and done!

How to do it? “Choose a lipliner that’s lighter than your lipstick and lighter than your natural lip color,” says Gemma. (Rimmel has a bunch of shades.) “The look is plump and pillow-y. You get soft, kiss-y lips.”

Do you use lipliner? Before this, I never did, but now I’m definitely working it into my everyday routine. What other fun makeup moves have you done recently?

P.S. The makeup I wear every single day, and the one beauty product Caroline always finishes.