What are you up to this weekend? On Sunday night, I am heading to England to see my aunt and grandmother! We rainchecked our trip four times over the past two years, but finally, Alex and I decided that I should just travel to Cornwall by myself. (He’s staying home with the boys, since they’re not yet able to get vaccinated.) I can’t wait to wrap my arms around these beautiful ladies. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few links from around the web…

Digging Seth Rogen’s new podcast.

Salted caramel apple cookies, yum.

‘Black lady therapists’ are still a TV trope, but now they have more depth.

This coffee subscription is REALLY good. (Take the quiz here.)

Would you wear a spiky bun?

This is your kid’s school and even though the emergency contact form lists your husband, we need you, the mom.”

Very cool affordable art.

My toddler-inspired, sanity-saving experiment.” Would you try this?

Logos with a twist.

Beautiful trees around the world.

And great news: Primary Kids is running exclusive early access to their Friends and Family sale. Use code COJ30 for 30% off your entire order. (We love these!)

Plus, four reader comments:

Says Carmen on what funny words do your kids mispronounce: “My kiddo used to call high heels ‘uppercase shoes’ and it still cracks me up.”

Says Elizabeth on what crowdpleasing recipes do you know: “Boursin cheese. That’s it. That’s the recipe. Put on a fancy plate, pick your chip vessel (bagel, pita), and watch the crowd go wild.”

Says Allie on what funny words do your kids mispronounce: “Not a child, but childlike: When Alzheimer’s was having its way with my grandpa’s memory, he’d come up creative alternatives for words he couldn’t remember. When he couldn’t think of ‘garden hose,’ he called it a ‘water cord.’ I think of him now whenever I use the hose.”

Says Kate on my friend Jason’s breakup advice: “My best breakup advice is to read Cup of Jo — and do a deep dive into the comments! A few months ago, I had a big breakup, and for the first couple weeks, all I did was go through the archives. There are so many treasures, and the comments section of breakup posts is truly what showed me that my life, in fact, would go on.”

(Photo by Hilary Horvath Flowers.)

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