siblings laughing

siblings laughing

When Anton was two, he would always ask me…

“Can you take my shoeson off?”

And it made sense! I would often say, “Please go get your shoes on,” which he heard as, “Please go get your shoeson”…and then we could put those shoeson on. How cute is that?

He also used to say “long-sleeved shorts” instead of pants, “foot thumb” instead of big toe, and “yesternight” instead of “last night,” which somehow feels poetic.

Toby, meanwhile, pronounced his own name “Tibby,” and instead of motorcycle, he always said “masimoto,” which we thought sounded like a Tokyo-based marketing firm.

Most of their little mistakes have worked themselves out, but instead of “tortilla,” eight-year-old Anton still says “torteera.” And I will never ever correct him.

What about the kids in your life? What funny words do they mix up?

P.S. Toby and Anton in conversation, and do your kids ever swear?

(Photo by Saptak Ganguly/Stocksy.)