Lucy Joanna Goddard

Lucy Joanna Goddard

Where did you grow up? I spent most of my childhood in the Michigan suburbs, where my siblings and I rode bikes down dirt roads, my first job was at the neighborhood pizza place, and we’d ring in the fall with donuts at the cider mill.

As teenagers, when we wanted to be really crazy, we’d take universal remote controls, walk over to our friends’ houses at night, stand outside the living room windows and CHANGE THE CHANNEL. Boom! How’s that for a prank?

This past weekend, the boys and I visited my parents, and my dad and I remembered the old Michigan tourism slogan, “Great Lakes, Great Times.” (It reminded me of the brilliant 2018 Nebraska ad campaign, “Nebraska: It’s not for everyone.”)

I love bringing my kids to my hometown and watching them do the things I did when I was little: playing basketball in the driveway, swimming at the community pool, riding the escalators at the mall. It’s so different from their childhood in New York City. Sometimes I wonder if we should move somewhere more outdoorsy and laid-back, but I guess that’s the old ghost ship, right?

I’m so curious: Where did you grow up? Did you like it? Do you still live there or visit? Is it very different from where you live now? I’d love to hear…

P.S. Midwest tee, and babies in Paris.

(Photo of my twin sister and me when we were little.)