restaurant pizza friends

restaurant pizza friends

When we’re going to a restaurant with friends or relatives, I have only one request…

Four to six should be the maximum number of people. More than six people doesn’t work.

If you have more than six, the conversation gets broken up. If one side of the table laughs uproariously, the other side suddenly feels boring. You can’t really share plates, and splitting the check gets confusing. The group is just too large. *shakes fist*

A group of four to six, on the other hand, gels beautifully. You can have one conversation with the whole group. Everyone feels included. Logistics are easy. The most epic nights are always with four to six!

I’ve said this forever, so it made me laugh to see comedian Matt Buechele make the same argument. Here’s his song:

Four to six people! It’s a hill I will die on!

P.S. A restaurant surprise I’m still thinking about two decades later, and running into my ex-boyfriend.

(Photo by Lior + Lone/Stocksy.)