What are you up to this weekend? We are throwing Toby a birthday picnic, complete with a Steph Curry photo cake. Have a good one, and here are a few links from around the web…

Love love love love these UPF50+ children’s swimsuits. (This gives me baby fever.)

Growing up Korean and American in a small Michigan town.

How gorgeous is this striped wedding dress?

I want to wear my hair like this.

We can’t ask your age in this job interview but please take this quiz about rotary photos.” Hahahahaha. (New Yorker)

I just finished this book last night and was in tears! Thanks to all the readers who recommended it.

Survival secrets from six small business owners. (New York Magazine)

Hugging after the vaccine. (New York Times)

A West Texas thunderstorm.

Oooh, what a delicious dinner.

My sister is launching a podcast!

Plus, a reader comment:

Says Anon on my favorite swimwear: “Here’s a confession: I was very eye-roll-y when stores began using more regular bodies in their adverts. I told myself that it felt too try-hard and patronizing, but really it was my hate for my own body manifesting itself in a knee jerk reaction: I do not want to see jiggly bits. On anyone.

“But, seeing different bodies in swimsuits and activewear again and again and again while scrolling through different sites has IN A MATTER OF MONTHS made these bodies (and MY OWN) feel very normal and even good/desirable/beautiful. I know that is the idea (and that the reverse is true, too — that seeing all those perfect bodies for so long is why I hated my body). Still, it feels remarkable how powerful these images really are.

I’ve worn a boring full-coverage bathing suit (with tummy control) from Lands’ End for years, plus a men’s XL oxford as a cover-up, and now, for the first time since high school, I’m thinking, ‘Should I order that bikini?'”

(Photo by Erin Jeanne McDowell.)

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