A Week of Outfits: Charlotte Jacklin

Charlotte Jacklin resides just outside Lincoln, a small cathedral city a few hours north of London. “It’s quite ye olde-y, like Harry Potter with the cobblestone streets,” she says. “If you were to visit, you’d think it’s quite cute, but I’m like, we could do with more restaurants and exciting stuff!” She lives with her husband, four-year-old daughter and almost one-year-old dog. Here, she shares five outfits she wore in a week…

Above: Jacket: Magpie Vintage. Dress: Stalf. Boots: Office.

“I think I have the confidence to wear loud clothes because my parents worked in fashion retail. I was brought up around clothes. I went through a phase in my twenties where I wore a lot of black and white and was really into sixties mod. When I had my daughter, I ended up in the pastel sphere that I’m in now. This dress is made by a company called Stalf based in Lincolnshire an hour up the road from me. I love that they’re in the countryside and they make it all there. My daughter will say, ‘You look so nice, Mommy. Can you spin in that dress?’ That’s a big bonus in her world.”

A Week of Outfits: Charlotte Jacklin

Overcoat: Saluto Vintage. T-shirt: Odd Molly. Jeans: Levis Plus. Boots: Office. Bag: Mark Cross via eBay.

“After my daughter was born, I thought I was never going to wear jeans again because I’d gone up a few sizes. But then I found these Levi’s rib cage jeans. They’re my favorite. This is my version of jeans and a T-shirt — I added a vintage overcoat which was probably originally a nana’s nightgown. (It’s reworked vintage; the woman cut off the hem and changed buttons and makes a matching scrunchie.) The bag is from eBay. I’ll tend to buy pricer pieces second hand — especially when it comes to handbags. They’re often still in mint condition, and they hold their value when you go to resell them, too.”

A Week of Outfits: Charlotte Jacklin

Dress: Homeward Found Vintage. Waistcoat: Honeybea. Basket: Blooming Dreamer. Boots: Office.

“It’s harder to find vintage at larger sizes. I used to just walk into thrift shops and it wasn’t a problem, but now I find great things and they don’t zip up. This dress is little wedding-y but I love it. And I’ve worn this basket so much. People say, oh, you’ve got a basket, and I’m like, yes, but it’s really practical! I studied fashion at a university in a really, really tiny town. My school friends and I were RIDICULOUSLY dressed, and I’m talking ridiculous. None of the locals dressed like that, and I got used to standing out. I also think confidence comes with age. I’m just dressing for me, and if people think I look a bit weird, I’m not too bothered.”

A Week of Outfits: Charlotte Jacklin

Hat: Yokoo Gibraan. Coat: Sea. Bag: Kate Spade. Joggers: Staf. Boots: Grenson.

“We took this photo at the beach an hour away from our home. I hope it comes across how ridiculous the weather is here — I’m in a hat at the beach, and the next day I have bare arms. During the past few hours, we’ve had hailstones. That’s why British people talk about the weather so much. I love this patchwork coat, and I love the cross-body bag so I can hold the dog, grab a child.”

A Week of Outfits: Charlotte Jacklin

Headband: Etsy. Dress: Resume. Shoes: Loeffler Randall. Bag: Shrimps via eBay.

“Here, my husband and I were going out for a late outdoor lunch. It’s been very recent that we can eat outside, so I wanted to get dressed up. The shoes are Loeffler Randall on sale. I wait for their sale every year. I absolutely love them. My husband and I met when we were younger, during my 60s phase. I had false eyelashes and a peroxide beehive. He likes my style. He dresses well, although sometimes he’ll bring home a puffer jacket, and I’m like, no. That can be used at work.

“For my daughter, I hope, for the whole of her generation, that size is less of a thing. I was very aware of my size very young. She’s four, and I hope she continues being confident with what she wears. The way she looks in the mirror is the loveliest thing. She stands there looking so proud of herself; she doesn’t look for flaws. Maybe her generation will be more accepting of different body shapes. Fingers crossed, I live in hope.”

Thank you so much, Charlotte! Here’s her Instagram and website, if you’d like to follow.

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