glow in dark stars

Seven-year-old Anton’s bedroom ceiling looks pretty normal at first…

best glow in the dark stars

Until you turn off the lights, when it feels like the whole universe is above you. You might as well be camping in the desert, or lying in a canoe in the middle of a Vermont lake. The stars are so beautiful, we sometimes just lie there, gazing at them.

My aunt Lulu sent the pack of glow-in-the-dark stars to Anton for Christmas. The thing that makes them so much cooler than regular glowy stars are how tiny they are. They look so real.

We might give some to Toby for his birthday later this month. And maybe some for Alex and my bedroom, too — I mean, life is short, right? Shouldn’t we all be falling asleep under the stars?

P.S. A children’s book I still think about, and Toby and Anton in conversation.