My 10 Favorite Trader Joe’s Products

best Trader Joe's products

I love trying new recipes to mix things up, but there’s something about the comfort of old standbys — when all else fails, they’re there for you! Here are 10 items I always grab at Trader Joe’s…

best Trader Joe's products

Lemon Curd. This curd is smooth, tart and perfect with breakfast toast. It’s also delicious mixed in with yogurt and granola.

best Trader Joe's products

Toscano Cheese. Some days I like to create a little happy hour for myself, with cheese, crackers and maybe a glass of white wine. This cheese is an ideal mix of sharp and creamy, and it’s been aged in red wine (see the purple ridge on top?).

best Trader Joe's products

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. Listen closely: if you get nothing else, grab these. They’re always on hand in the check-out lines, and a small bag is only 99 cents. The bitterness of the dark chocolate perfectly offsets the sweetness of the peanut butter.

best Trader Joe's products

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Mediterranean Blend. I used to believe that all olive oil was the same. I was wrong! The nutty, buttery taste of this one sets it apart from the collection of EVOO bottles in your cabinet, whether you’re serving it on top of hummus or drizzling it over your favorite pasta.

best Trader Joe's products

Sharp Cheddar Cheesy Crackers. Judging by the small animals on the box, I’m pretty sure these are meant for kids, but I like to play fast and loose with my snacking. These sharp cheddar cheese bombs are the perfect afternoon treat.

best Trader Joe's products

Burrata, Prosciutto & Arugula Flatbread Pizza. For lunch while working from home, this pizza hits the spot — with lots of burrata (omg YUM). I love to drizzle Mediterranean olive oil on top, as a finishing touch.

best Trader Joe's products

Gluten-Free Mini Cupcakes. These mini cupcakes are great to bring to a party (when it’s safe to party again!) or to keep for a sweet treat around the house. Bonus: you seriously can’t tell they’re gluten-free.

best Trader Joe's products

Thai Veggie Gyoza. I’m often stumped for dinner, so I keep a bag or two of these handy. They’re delicious crisped in a pan and dipped in soy sauce.

best Trader Joe's products

Grapefruit & Lemon Hand Sanitizer Spray. My favorite thing about this sanitizer is that it moisturizes while it cleans, so it doesn’t leave my hands cracked and dry.

best Trader Joe's products

Fresh Flowers. There’s nothing that freshens up a room like a vase of flowers. I recently ran to the store to grab some milk and was surprised by all the new spring blooms. I got all these, above, for less than $20.

What are some of your Trader Joe’s favorites? Anything I should add to the list?

P.S. 10 more Trader Joe’s favorites and a slamdunk Trader Joe’s breakfast.

  1. Nicole Padua says...

    Pancake Bread is a weekend must around here.
    Chicken Tikka from the fridge/salad aisle is a school day lunch favorite.
    The frozen Almond Croissants are heavenly
    Kringles are our favorite surprise treat!
    Always have Fig and Olive toasts on hand and Cheese straws. My boys love their cereal bars. And I never, ever leave without an arm full of fresh flowers that last at least a week if not 2 in most cases….I find the Hydrangeas and Daisies last longest.
    And don’t even get me started in the condiments and spice blends!

  2. Lauren says...

    Pepper jelly- amazing on a cheese/charcuterie board

    The white cheddar puffs- like pirate booty but a huge bag for $2 my kids love it

    Recently discovered frozen garlic cubes- amazing for cooking when you don’t feel like chopping up fresh garlic

    Omg the dark chocolate pb cups-soooo good, I get the big tub of them, my 4 year old is constantly sneaking them!

    Yes always flowers! And orchid plants!

    The sweet and spicy pecans- always a hit for parties!

  3. Martha Patterson says...

    Sliced sourdough…even better toasted, buttered, sprinkled with Everything
    Bagel Seasoning!
    TJ’s Chilean Sauvignon Blanc
    Mandarin Orange Chicken
    Blue cheese pecan dip
    Garlic dip
    Wintry Blend coffee
    Rosemary artisan bread
    Meat lasagne…@ 4.99 it easily feeds 3…just add a salad!

  4. Kris P says...

    Thank you for sharing your list! My favorites:

    1. Dried mango strips (sooo good and addictive lol)
    2. Dried coconut strips (soooo good)
    3. Plantain chips
    4. Jerk plantain chips (just the right amount of kick)

  5. Kealoha (Kay) Borge says...

    Chevyere honey goat cheese…..YUM ! put them in medjool dates, topped with sprinkle of pistachios ( crushed) drizzle of honey

  6. With this 10 item list, I have a perfect start to my TJ shopping list…for my first visit to the store in a long time …cannot wait!!!

  7. Kate L says...

    I’ve been shopping at Trader Joe’s my whole life (grew up in California, now live in NYC), so I could go on forever. But my current list of favorites:

    – Everything but the Bagel seasoning
    – Garlic spread (so simple, but so damn delicious. Basically just whipped garlic)
    – Frozen seafood burgers (so much easier to cook than a normal burger)
    – Balsamic glaze
    – Garlic mustard (I used to hate mustard until I tried this)
    – Applewood smoked bacon
    – Canadian white bread (the best white bread I’ve ever had)

    And rip their spicy pickles. I’ve never seen pickles like this since, and I still look for them every time I go to the store even though I know they won’t be there.

    • Brianna Glenn says...

      I’ve never tried the Trader Joe’s spicy pickles, but if there’s an Aldi near you, (they’re part of the same company as Trader Joe’s) they sell a spicy refrigerated pickle! I understand the hunt for a discontinued item and the hope that springs eternal-ha!

  8. Michelle says...

    This might be my favorite COJ post about food, ever! This comment section really is a goldmine. I’m making a list of things to try!!

    My all-time favorites:

    Dark russet potato chips, especially paired with Everything But The Bagel Dip
    CHEESE: Truffle cheese, 1000 day gouda, port salut, unexpected cheddar
    Sriracha BBQ sauce
    Italian bomba sauce
    Habanero hot sauce (SO hot and flavorful)
    Organic ketchup (random but seriously best ketchup ever)
    Candy cane green tea (seasonal)
    Pumpkin samosas (also seasonal)
    Susmaniello red wine
    Mango shave cream

  9. Erin says...

    Try the Marinated Grilled Artichoke Halves. Great in pasta and salads, but I can just eat them out of the jar!

  10. Patrice says...

    I love the Soycuttash in the frozen vegetable aisle. Edamame instead of lima beans–scrumptious!

  11. YP says...

    Penne Arrabiata
    All of the sodium is worth it as a treat once in a while. I love peeking into everyone TJ faves! It’s my favorite.

    Also- I’m lactose intolerant and can only process goat and sheep cheese and their goat Gouda and Brie is the most affordable in the greater NYC area. Believe me I’ve tried. It may be a milder flavor than say something you’d find at arch nemesis Whole Foods – but the math don’t lie.

  12. Chrissy says...

    I’m imagining myself leisurely strolling through TJs right now, and it’s quite calming! My favorites:
    brownie mix, elote seasoning, bomba sauce, jalapeno sauce, coconut milk, the colorful kitchen towels, seasonal olive wood cutting boards, frozen cherries, frozen paranthas, brioche crackers, scalloped red chili crackers, zhoug sauce, pita bite crackers, jerk seasoning plantain crackers

    • Stacy says...

      What do you sprinkle the elote seasoning on? I’m stumped!

  13. Angela says...

    Great post! Some of my favorites:
    Mango Jicama slaw (seasonal during summer – I make tacos with black beans, this slaw, shredded cheese and hot sauce and they are delicious)
    Dolmas stuffed with rice
    Giant goat cheese log for just $5
    Yes to the dark chocolate PB cups – Reese’s doesn’t compare
    Garlic naan in the frozen section
    Peruvian corn
    PB filled pretzels
    $1 cards
    Rose ‘Simply’ canned wine
    & so much more!

    • Suzy Martin says...

      $1 cards rock – so glad you mentioned it Angela;-)

  14. I never tried joes products but you described these products in such a nice way, may I now going to try one of them.

  15. Amy says...

    The cinnamon-sugar graham crackers. They are like crack in my house, my son and I are united in our obsession with them.

  16. Hi Kim Rhodes!
    Thanks for your article.
    This item is really very nice. Lemon Curd and Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups are my favorite.
    It’s really a pleasure reading your beautiful article.

  17. Gaby says...

    I love the sweet plantain chips, dried mango slices, goat cheese singles, turbinado sugar chocolate covered almonds.

  18. Ellie O'Malley says...

    I’m from the UK but live in California. Trader Joe’s kinda annoyed me at first as you can’t do a full shop and sometimes I just want more than is in the store BUT things my family loves
    The jazz apples-perfect crispy sweetness
    The fruit yoghurts-so creamy
    My kids love their Ice cream cookie sandwiches so yum. A bit sweet for me but very good with the lil chocolate chips round the side
    The English coastal cheddar just a perfect cheddar
    Ready made meringues-they’re great abs hard to find elsewhere

  19. Dana says...

    -Classic hot dog/hamburger buns. So much better than any other buns!
    -Hot Sweet Jalapeños. I always have extra jars.
    -Dark Russet potato chips.
    -Israeli Feta.
    -Extra Hot Salsa.
    -Frozen Red Shrimp. I make shrimp rolls with those hot dog buns.
    -Canned Smoked Trout.
    -Ridged Potato Chips. So thick, holds so much dip.
    -Super Sour Scandanavian Swimmers.

  20. Jeanette Augenstein says...

    I love Trader Joe’s Shrimp Cakes they’re in the frozen foods, so good.
    1. Everything but the bagel
    2. Dark chocolate and peanut butter cups
    3. Truffles and cheese flatbread
    4. White cheddar and gruyere cheese
    5. Peanut butter and jelly chocolate bars (near checkout)
    6. Truffle sauce (usually only sold during holidays where I am)
    So many good buys, love the flower section and their paper towels

  21. Nicole says...

    In my house, we have the TJ’s frozen three-cheese pizza from Italy every Friday night. If you like thin-crust pizza, it’s a delight!

    Other favorites:
    – Everything but the Bagel seasoning (amazing on avocados or eggs)
    – Black bean and Monterey Jack cheese burritos
    – Cauliflower Thins (great with a little melted cheese on top)
    – Turmeric supplement
    – Greeting cards and flowers
    – Chocolate Pure Protein shake
    – And the Hawaiian Mochi cake mix, which comes and goes

    I actually bring the little containers of TJ’s candies as gifts to friends and relatives in Europe. They all have their favorites and make requests. (Most requested are the S’Mores, chocolate coconut almonds, and chocolate-covered espresso beans.)

  22. Janet says...

    Love the chai tea. I can’t have chocolate so this a good substitute. Also enjoy the chicken fried rice.

  23. Jen says...

    Mmm, this is making me hungry! Love the black olives (in the can—they are somehow so much better than other black olives) and the banana chips. This post will totally out me.

  24. MK says...

    Went to TJ’s because I HAD to try this cheese rec–OMG, Kim, I love it! 10/10. Earmarking it to serve at my “Thank Gawd We Can Have Parties Again” Party alongside with pita crackers and some mango chutney.